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A substitute for love

And the need for human touch

sacral1Massage is needed in the world, because love is leaving and people are losing touch with reality - the ground that is their bodies.

There was a time when the touch of those you loved was enough. The husband playing with the body of the woman or the woman stroking his body with affection; that was massage and that was enough. It was a deep relaxation and part of love, but that is disappearing from the world.

Little by little, we are forgetting how to play, how to touch deeply with affection and without an agenda. Humans becoming more like automatons, and as a result, diseases are multiplying because we are forgetting that touch is an instinct that makes us human and healthy.


When you touch the body of a person, the idea is to be as devotional as if you were touching the divine (god) and you're only serving because therapeutic touch is about flowing and freedom . So wherever you see the body flowing, you connect.  This connection is energetic, beyond 'just' physicality and by tuning in you help to create a new pattern of harmony, you will feel a joy that you never felt before. You will fall into deep meditation as will the recipient.

When you are massaging, only massage. Don't think about other things because they are distractions. It is the sensations in your fingers and in your hands,  sensing the very life force.  Don't think that is 'just' a body, allow your own soul to be present and you will be supportive of mind and body.

Don't make it a joke. Don't do as a job; make it a game, a journey to distract the mind and when the mind relaxes, the body will relax and healing will occur.

The massage is to get you in sync with the energy of the body of someone and to feel where she/he is missing, to feel where the body is fragmented and make it complete. To help the energy of the body so that she/he is not more fragmented or contradictory. When the energies of the body are aligned and became an orchestra, you have success.

"Respect the human body for it's the real divine sanctuary, the temple of God. With deep reverence and prayer, learn your art. This is one of the great things to learn."  ~ ( Osho)

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