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Bigger is better

Big and beautiful breasts often go hand-in-hand with sex appeal, social and economic success

breastliftDuring 2012, almost 400,000 women in the United States got silicone breast implants, add in all the other countries and that's over a million women. Yet there is a stigma about silicone breast implants that puts many women off because lets face it there are risks.

The French company that made implants from industrial silicone is unrepentant at the suffering caused to the hundreds of thousands of women who's implants leaked and damaged their health. But so many women still want to enhance their breasts... just not by having them sliced open and fitted with high risk implants.

Why enlarge?

Men; every woman wants to feel beautiful and attractive which is why in general they focus so much on fashion and beauty, especially with men in mind. Most men love boobs, to him they are symbols of fertility and the ability to nurture. Cosmetically, they are objects of fascination to him as in Western countries breasts are associated with sexuality. When women have nice breasts, the right amount of cleavage helps to attract and control men.

Competition; women are driven by competition to find a better looking mate and to succeed in all walks of life and generally nice boobs help her to feel confident. But even when she doesn't feel confident or knowledgeable, a nice figure and friendly personality can help her win over less well endowed women.

Acceptance; what we should look like is a peer issue driven by social ideology and promoted by the media. There is a conception that to be accepted a woman must conform to the ideal feminine shape. Again this comes back to the ideas portrayed by celebrities as an ideal to be aspired to.

Commerce; or business success. Enlarging the breasts is a career essential for many female performers in a variety of entertainment fields and this is the heart of competition where having the 'right' and 'healthy' physique with boobs is well known to set women on the path to a good career, especially in competitive industries. As well as boobs, women need brains, but in many industries, business owners actually prefer boobs; great if you wanna work at hooters or perform!

How do you get boobs that are right for you?

  1. Chances are you've got them already, so strip off and look in the mirror. Do you see yourself slouching? If you do, stand tall and keep your shoulders back, this will show what you've got and help overall breast health.
  2. If you want larger, sit down and carefully consider why you want to enlarge.
  3. Consider the methods.
    • Surgical implants give quick results - it takes a couple of months for the scars to heal.
    • Herbal pills and creams take longer to work, but are safer to use. There are few side effects and if you don't like them, simply stop and although you may have spent a couple of hundred dollars, you have gained in knowledge.
    • As you enlarge, you will have to buy some new clothes.
    • Have fun displaying your new assets.

A small bust are one of the most common female complexes as by society standards you have to have real cleavage to get noticed.

If you enlarge, by how much?

Enlarging up to C cup should present few problems aside from being noticed. Going to a D or beyond with implants may invite excess attention and require some assertiveness training or cause upper back, neck and shoulder pain.

Increasing with natural pills or creams means you can stop any time, and combined with an exercise plan, painless for your body.

Total Curve™ is one answer which offers a natural breast enhancement therapy that stimulates the growth of breast tissue using a women's natural balance of hormones, it's one of the healthiest options for women looking to grow natural and bountiful breasts.

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