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Discussions on healing and becoming more fully human

As a species our population is growing rapidly as is the scale of human suffering. The remedy to suffering is knowledge and right action as prescribed by Buddha.

The forces that drive our civilisation encourage separation and promote suffering. Therefore if we as a people are going to survive and flourish, we need to become whole. This means becoming whole and healthy within ourselves and as a society. We need to get […]

Hemorrhoids and Massage

Facts, causes and massage treatment

Hemorrhoids are more commonly known as piles, they are swollen, enlarged, prolapsed and/or inflamed blood vessels within or occurring inside or outside the anus. They are very common and while sometimes people may not notice them, they often cause a great deal of discomfort along with rectal bleeding.

Internal haemorrhoids may only become apparent due to discomfort and/or bleeding when passing stools although they can also protrude like an external haemorrhoid.

External haemorrhoids are usually […]

Massage Challenges the Modern World

Dealing with Competition and Political Correctness

There is no doubt that massage has a wide range of uses and applications, but in today’s increasingly narrowminded world, it is being reduced to a placebo. This is largely due to the distorted perception arising from political correctness, and social movements based on habits and fears that distort reality.

The people of the modern world seem to have lost any connection to their roots as human beings and they have become human doings. […]


A dimension in self awareness and care

Just like our mind can affect our body, our body can affect our mind. Often times, anxiety and tension will build up in our bodies, making it even harder to get rid of.

What massage does, among other things, is bring attention to your muscles so you can relax them most effectively. Ideally it’s great to be massaged by someone else, but its also something you can do regularly to help relax and […]

What is Sensual?

Our Bodies and Ourselves in Massage

Before we start, lets remember that we perceive the world through our senses and that our entire life experience takes place in our minds so that perception is a matter of choice.

The very word ‘sensual’ conjures up all sorts of ideas in peoples minds largely due to ignorance and the sexualisation of our societies, so we must understand that all massage is sensual and there is no such thing as a non […]

What is Holistic?

No ‘thing’ can exist or be understood except in relationship to the whole.

But what is the whole?

To begin to understand holism, we must first suspend our disbeliefs and open our minds to infinite possibilities. Holisim is a paradigm which explains who we are, why we are here and how we can live our lives in harmony with ourselves and our natural world.

Holism takes into account the whole of our knowledge from what is accepted as the big […]

Massage Attire

Practicality and aesthetics

Clothing is determined by local customs and those people who perform a superficial part body treatment as performed in many beauty therapy establishments will probably have a uniform. The therapists performing other styles of massage like shiatsu without any oils are free to choose although the best clothing option is comfortable and made from pure cotton.

Just as some professions wear uniforms, many spas and salons provide uniforms that staff must adapt to, but this page is […]

The Purpose of Massage

Method, Intent and Political Correctness in Practice

Most people know that massage is a therapeutic or healing art that gives benefits of relaxation, improved circulation, the removal of toxins in the body, improved metabolism and greater self-awareness. Feel free to add to this list because even when it comes to serious health concerns, massage or physical touch can alleviate a great many problems.

Unlike modern medicine and surgeries, the client is usually alert and fully aware of the procedure. In […]

Berkeley Yoga Conference

A “Yoga Justice / Yoga Violence” Conference

It is from the social media that I learned that the Race and Yoga Research Working Group at the University of California (Berkeley) is to host its third annual conference on Friday, April 22, 2016. The theme of the conference is “Yoga Justice / Yoga Violence.”

They have asked for submissions, however since the deadline is weeks passed and the subject caught my attention, here are some things that you may need to […]

Jaya Lakshmi and Ananda

Sublime music for peace

Jaya Lakshmi and Ananda

Jaya Lakshmi and Ananda are Oregon based musical artists in the genre of mantra music. They offer kirtan, healing mantra music and Kirtronica (kirtan and electronica fusion).

In their 5 years together, they have released 7 albums on Sounds True, Spirit Voyage and independently. They tour nationally and internationally holding their own events and retreats. In addition, they perform and teach at festivals and regularly offer Kirtronica at ecstatic dances.


Naked Yoga

Owning one’s self

Nude Yoga Class

The practice of yoga has been spreading rapidly around the world since the first yogis began teaching in the West in the late 1800s. At first it spread slowly, but since the 1960s it has spread rapidly.

Within yoga there are many traditions and many practices that are all designed for the personal liberation of the practitioners. So we have many forms of intellectual and physical exercises to give the practitioners the […]