Life is meant to be blissful
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Hemorrhoids and Massage

Facts, causes and massage treatment

Hemorrhoids are more commonly known as piles, they are swollen, enlarged, prolapsed and/or inflamed blood vessels within or occurring inside or outside the anus. They are very common and while sometimes people may not notice them, they often cause a great deal of discomfort along with rectal bleeding.

Internal haemorrhoids may only become apparent due to discomfort and/or bleeding when passing stools although they can also protrude like an external haemorrhoid.

External haemorrhoids are usually […]

Massage Taboos

Life based on ignorance

Negotiating the politics of massage and the complexity of morality against what it means to be a complete and fully responsible human being in today’s world.

Most people identify themselves as their body and mind with an ego as a public identity. This is a very limited level of awareness, or in other words a form of ignorance.

Many people like to use the expression that ignorance is bliss, however to those with a degree of […]

Sexuality as a disease

Unravelling humanity

I have already discussed some of the problems with sexuality, and this post follows from the last.

Human morality is an aberration of consciousness and a social construct designed to help control the population. It dictates which body parts can be displayed in public and this comes from a sense of morality espoused by the Church of Rome and the priests unable to understand or deal with the human body.

Sex is natural and we engage in sexual […]

Drugs in Society

Why do we like to get high?

Drugs have always been a part of human society and essentially every substance is a drug which can produce or support a chemical or energetic effect.

The term ‘drug’ as we know it generally refers to the many classes of organic and inorganic chemical compounds and preparations designed to have a specific effect on the body and mind of an individual as well as effect the life cycle of the many pathogens and […]

A New Twist on Smoking

Cigarette, Tobacco Smoking and Law Changes

Sexy and cool

Everyone knows that smoking is a deadly habit, but why do people persist in smoking?

Actually it gives them pleasure and a sense of control over their lives and destiny – even if it kills them.

According to the World Health Organization, smoking kills 5.7 million people annually and may contribute to many more deaths. We know that smoking causes many deadly conditions including lung cancer, heart problems, strokes, […]

Diet & Nutrition Overview

Healthy eating for a healthy lifestyle, prevention and recovery from illness.

Charles Darwin worked it out and a great many modern scientists agree that we should be vegetarians. This is because our body is designed to process, digest and absorb vegetarian food in conformity to the general principals between herbivores and carnivores, as we have one of the longest intestines suited to a long digestive process. However we can eat, digest and gain energy from animal parts and products, therefore […]

Saving humanity

Without freedom, we cannot be whole

This is something which few people give much thought to as they are so tied up in the ‘now’ worrying about the past or future. Very few people seem to realise that we are living in a profit driven world where human values, human rights and the future, not only of humanity but of all life on earth is coming under an increased threat.

Most people on this planet are struggling to survive, they […]

Creative anger

For motivation

There are many things in this world that wind us up, tick us off and raise our ire. You know like when someone cuts in front of you in the queue for the traffic, when you have an accident that you thought you could have avoided.

These things can raise self doubts and cause us fear if we don’t take responsibility for them. So often it’s our own self judgement and self-imposed limitations that causes us to react […]

Red Bull

Messing with your head and it may kill you

Red Bull is an energy drink sold by Austrian company Red Bull GmbH, created in 1987. The Red Bull product contains caffeine, taurine, glucuronolactone, B-group vitamins, sucrose, and glucose.

Caffeine gives most people a lift in energy, however, too much caffeine can make you restless, anxious, and irritable. It may also keep you from sleeping well and cause headaches, abnormal heart rhythms, or other problems. If you stop using caffeine, you […]

Juice vs Whole Food

Juice plays a role in many diets

Fruit juice is a commodity that many of us are introduced to a very young age and many parents today give juice to their very young babies. Fruit, of course, it is natural and healthy, but is there any problem?

If we make our own fresh juice, it may take six or eight oranges to produce a glass of fresh juice; that’s minus the actual pulp of the fruit. But could you sit […]