Life is meant to be blissful
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What is Holistic?

No ‘thing’ can exist or be understood except in relationship to the whole.

But what is the whole?

To begin to understand holism, we must first suspend our disbeliefs and open our minds to infinite possibilities. Holisim is a paradigm which explains who we are, why we are here and how we can live our lives in harmony with ourselves and our natural world.

Holism takes into account the whole of our knowledge from what is accepted as the big […]

Massage Attire

Practicality and aesthetics

Clothing is determined by local customs and those people who perform a superficial part body treatment as performed in many beauty therapy establishments will probably have a uniform. The therapists performing other styles of massage like shiatsu without any oils are free to choose although the best clothing option is comfortable and made from pure cotton.

Just as some professions wear uniforms, many spas and salons provide uniforms that staff must adapt to, but this page is […]

The Purpose of Massage

Method, Intent and Political Correctness in Practice

Most people know that massage is a therapeutic or healing art that gives benefits of relaxation, improved circulation, the removal of toxins in the body, improved metabolism and greater self-awareness. Feel free to add to this list because even when it comes to serious health concerns, massage or physical touch can alleviate a great many problems.

Unlike modern medicine and surgeries, the client is usually alert and fully aware of the procedure. In […]

A substitute for love

And the need for human touch

Massage is needed in the world, because love is leaving and people are losing touch with reality – the ground that is their bodies.

There was a time when the touch of those you loved was enough. The husband playing with the body of the woman or the woman stroking his body with affection; that was massage and that was enough. It was a deep relaxation and part of love, but that is disappearing […]

Massage Taboos

Life based on ignorance

Negotiating the politics of massage and the complexity of morality against what it means to be a complete and fully responsible human being in today’s world.

Most people identify themselves as their body and mind with an ego as a public identity. This is a very limited level of awareness, or in other words a form of ignorance.

Many people like to use the expression that ignorance is bliss, however to those with a degree of […]

The Heart of Suffering

Most suffering begins in the mind

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Please understand that suffering is anything that ails us from our anxiety and depression to fear, broken societies, diseases, accidents and even the violence in the world.

A feature of suffering in modern society is that most of us think it is something we catch like a cold or suffer like a broken leg, and these things of course do happen. Within Buddhism it is taught that all suffering begins in […]

50 Shades of Gray

Not the book or the movie

But the problems associated with identification of one’s self as the body, morality and political correctness that in the modern world is so confusing that people are becoming less able to function as human beings.

When we take massage as a holistic concept and approach the body holistically, we see the body is the total of all its parts from bone, muscle, fluid, the personality and the spirit of the person to be treated.


Getting Massaged

Your body is not the problem, you are the problem

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Developing Foundations

Build your house upon the rock

The energy body by Alex Grey

This commonly used Christian parable generally refers to the idea that one should embrace Christianity and build a life based on the interpretation of the Bible by the priesthood. It works for some and has even resulted in generations of contentment for minority groups who live on the fringe of civilisation.

The same is true for all other “isms” however such beliefs are not infallible and as […]

Holisim in the New World

A survival guide

No doubt that you hear some of the news of the world, like the ceaseless violence in the Middle East and the horrendous crimes committed in your country or around the world. Then all of this is softened by a sporting victory or another feelgood moment, providing you with some reassurance that crime and injustice are distant and you do not need to concern yourself, but you need to support those who claim to protect you.

You […]