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What is Sensual?

Our Bodies and Ourselves in Massage

Before we start, lets remember that we perceive the world through our senses and that our entire life experience takes place in our minds so that perception is a matter of choice.

The very word ‘sensual’ conjures up all sorts of ideas in peoples minds largely due to ignorance and the sexualisation of our societies, so we must understand that all massage is sensual and there is no such thing as a non […]

Getting Massaged

Your body is not the problem, you are the problem

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Should You Wear a Brassier?

Cosmetic fashions have consequences

A brassiere or bra is an item of women’s clothing that began life simply as a piece of cloth that restrained the breasts. With development over the generations the bra developed into the garment we know today consisting of two cups that totally or partially cover or support the breasts.

A Brief Ancient History of the Bra

Minoan palace scene from an old book about ancient civilizations. Click for larger image

The Minoan Women of […]

Juice vs Whole Food

Juice plays a role in many diets

Fruit juice is a commodity that many of us are introduced to a very young age and many parents today give juice to their very young babies. Fruit, of course, it is natural and healthy, but is there any problem?

If we make our own fresh juice, it may take six or eight oranges to produce a glass of fresh juice; that’s minus the actual pulp of the fruit. But could you sit […]

Our reasons for being

And the creed of renunciation

These ideas are foundational in our understanding and important in creating a picture of holism.

With the exception of Krishna, all the remarkable people of the world, those salts of the earth like Mahavira, Buddha, and Christ, stood for some other world, for a life in some other world. They set distant things like the attainment of heaven and liberation as goals after man’s life on this earth.

In their day, life on this earth […]

Holism and Politics

Nature is an organic, amoral interdependent system that includes “all”.

Politics is a process of division and control.

If we look at nature, we see many interdependent systems and an evolutionary process towards stronger, healthier and enduring species. Natural selection ensures the strongest survive, however mankind’s survival operates at a level of ideas and concepts divorced from nature because we believe we have overcome nature.

Unfortunately our attempts at controlling nature are destroying it to the extent that all life […]

Feminine inequality and sacredness

A struggle for base survival

The patriarchal view of women today is a confused mix of wonder and lustful ideology.

We live in a world where woman are struggling for social and political equity, struggling to recover their mana and rights to life on equal terms with the men whom they suffer as much as they love.

In our ancient history, it was recognised and appreciated that all life came from woman and she was venerated as a […]

Soul Mates

Do you have a soul mate and how can you tell of it’s a particular person?

One Soul – An illusion by Ines Honfi

The idea of soulmates is something we dream about when we think about forming a relationship or finding some significant other. The subject has become immensely popular and some people when they believe they have found their soulmate are ecstatically happy for a while, but quite often we see around us that people who believe […]

Examining our Relationships

Our relationships can sustain us or weaken us

The goal of humanity is our collective happiness and our survival as a species, yet we live in a world of strife that limits our happiness, undermines our health and well-being, and threatens our very existence.

It’s not helpful that much of our history is untruthful or simply unknown. It’s not helpful that lying and deceitfulness is epidemic. It’s not helpful that societies are unjust. It’s not helpful that the happiness of […]

Naked and Natural

Seeing ourselves as beautiful in the raw

Celebrate your freedom

I’ve discussed a little about our bodies and ourselves, and our need to get over our hangups or learned value judgements about our bodies primarily because such ideology is self limiting.

We are Born naked and Clothed in confusion

Many societies are deeply divided about how we should see ourselves and see the world, but if we are to survive as a species then we must come […]