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Berkeley Yoga Conference

A “Yoga Justice / Yoga Violence” Conference

It is from the social media that I learned that the Race and Yoga Research Working Group at the University of California (Berkeley) is to host its third annual conference on Friday, April 22, 2016. The theme of the conference is “Yoga Justice / Yoga Violence.”

They have asked for submissions, however since the deadline is weeks passed and the subject caught my attention, here are some things that you may need to […]

Naked Yoga

Owning one’s self

Nude Yoga Class

The practice of yoga has been spreading rapidly around the world since the first yogis began teaching in the West in the late 1800s. At first it spread slowly, but since the 1960s it has spread rapidly.

Within yoga there are many traditions and many practices that are all designed for the personal liberation of the practitioners. So we have many forms of intellectual and physical exercises to give the practitioners the […]

Yoga and Hinduism

A historical overview

Devi, the Divine Mother and inspiration for Mary the mother of Jesus

Yoga has popularly been thought of as a Hindu practice and part of a religion referred to as Hinduism, however this is very far from any truth.

Yoga was first taught as a technology for human well-being and about 13,000 BC. This is long before the idea of Hinduism evolved and the story begins in the modern era but before we get to […]

A substitute for love

And the need for human touch

Massage is needed in the world, because love is leaving and people are losing touch with reality – the ground that is their bodies.

There was a time when the touch of those you loved was enough. The husband playing with the body of the woman or the woman stroking his body with affection; that was massage and that was enough. It was a deep relaxation and part of love, but that is disappearing […]


Growing Up In The Sixties, Los Angeles “The Times They Were A Changin”

By Linda Lee Laurel

It was 1967 The Summer of Love. The times they were changing, I was noticing that guys were growing their hair and my hip friends were dressing different. There was something in the air and I could feel the excitement. It would be an extreme understatement to say there was a whole lot going on that summer.

I know for me it […]

Our greatest love

Is created in our minds

Love is an idea and like all great ideas, it takes place inside our mind. Remember that perception is something that happens through our senses and our mind that interprets what we see, feel, taste, smell and hear. All experience of our world is internal.

When you fall in love with someone you can interact with physically, in other words love a person you regularly spend time with, who they are even though they exist […]

Massage Taboos

Life based on ignorance

Negotiating the politics of massage and the complexity of morality against what it means to be a complete and fully responsible human being in today’s world.

Most people identify themselves as their body and mind with an ego as a public identity. This is a very limited level of awareness, or in other words a form of ignorance.

Many people like to use the expression that ignorance is bliss, however to those with a degree of […]

Sexuality as a disease

Unravelling humanity

I have already discussed some of the problems with sexuality, and this post follows from the last.

Human morality is an aberration of consciousness and a social construct designed to help control the population. It dictates which body parts can be displayed in public and this comes from a sense of morality espoused by the Church of Rome and the priests unable to understand or deal with the human body.

Sex is natural and we engage in sexual […]

Cultivating Aloneness

The Ethical Fragrance of Yoga;

A discourse on yoga and Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras By Nitin Kumar from Exotic India.

In Sir Richard Attenborough’s film Gandhi, one poignant scene fails to leave the memory. The setting is somewhere in eastern India, just after the nation achieved independence (1947). Rampant rioting had broken out between Hindus and Muslims, and the worst face of humanity, seething with hatred, was visible everywhere. In this moment of madness, Mahatma Gandhi entered the city. We are […]

What is Love?

Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev Wiki Image

Relationship, Love and Life

Everyone has a different opinion about what love is and everyone has a different opinion about why we are alive and how we should organise ourselves.

For many lovers a romantic notion where we simply fall in love and life magically takes care of of us, but this is not so. In the video below, Sadhguru clarifies our illusions about love and that instead of thinking about love, we […]