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My holistic massage

My massage reviewed

I’d been looking forward to this for days and finally it was about to become a reality. I’d made my appointment and arrived to a comfortably warm space where after a three minute discussion about the treatment and the few health issues and concerns I had, I was left to undress and climb on the table. As I undressed, I wondered how much I should really take off. I got down to my knickers before removing all […]

Should you wear a bra while exercising?

Should you wear a bra while exercising?

Dancers – Public domain image

It’s a matter of opinion, not science!

Firstly, lets remember the bra is a modern invention that’s only been around for a hundred years and in general, it does not confer any health benefit and the only research suggests it may be harmful. Before bra’s, women participated in all activities without concern for their breasts and today, wearing a bra is more about conformity than health.

Women […]

Bigger is better

Big and beautiful breasts often go hand-in-hand with sex appeal, social and economic success

During 2012, almost 400,000 women in the United States got silicone breast implants, add in all the other countries and that’s over a million women. Yet there is a stigma about silicone breast implants that puts many women off because lets face it there are risks.

The French company that made implants from industrial silicone is unrepentant at the suffering caused to the hundreds of thousands […]

Model delight

The female model changing how we see ourselves

The lovely Nicole

There is no such thing as a perfect model, however there are many men and women who typify a model ideal of some kind of behaviour and in these pages we list models who have contributed to or graced our pages with their images.

We have models of behaviour, models of strength and beauty, and models of achievement in all countries and walks of life.

Beauty has always […]

Body Wraps

Wrap your body shape

Have you tried Weight loss pills, Drinks, Powders and Patches without good results? Now its time to try something revolutionary – a new method of getting INSTANT RESULTS making you look thinner and younger than ever before.

This product has become an instant hit with celebrities and is designed to banish double chins, sagging necks whilst reducing fatty areas around the tummy, thighs and hips. The new neck and body wraps on the market are an […]

How to Stop Snacking at Work

Say no to sticky buns and high sugar treats

We have all been there, you turn up to work full of good intentions for the day. You promise yourself you will not give in to temptation and not a single sugary treat will pass through your lips. Snacking at work is not even an option today.

It’s all going well so far you think to yourself, however, no sooner does that thought enter your head, your stomach rumbles. You feel […]

Lose Weight With Fatburners

Is It Really Possible To Lose Weight With Fatburners?

The good news for those whose bodies are loaded with a few unwanted and extra pounds of flab is that it is not all that difficult to lose weight with fatburners. Natural products are readily available and these can do the job quite effectively. These products are designed especially to help improve the metabolic rate in the body and in addition these products will also prevent further accumulation of flab in […]

Making the right choice for breast enhancement

When it Comes to Breast Enhancement

Naturally enhanced

Breast enhancement often features in the media, some star or starlet displays her new curves, or perhaps it’s one of the girls from your office or neighbourhood. A popular trend is to take a three week vacation to Malaysia, Thailand or one of the other countries specialising in medical tourism. Unfortunately over Christmas of 2011/12 as frequently happens, breast implants made not only local news, but went global as implants made […]

How To Be Hot When Your Not

Getting the feel good factor

By Jacqui B

So I am Single. I have been dating since high school and have had a few boyfriends but nothing healthy or long lasting. I have had my heartbroken and honestly, can’t remember breaking any myself. I have met so many men from different backgrounds and different cultures. I rarely have a boyfriend long enough for my friends and family to meet them. Every so often someone gets a glimpse of one of […]

Age-Defying Eye Therapy

Do you suffer tired eyes?

A person’s eyes can reveal their age, health, sleeping patterns, stress level and they are often thought of as a window to the soul.

Life happens and it can be tough, babies and the family demand attention at all hours of the day and night. Work and lifestyle along with finances and relationships cause many stresses which are revealed in our face and eyes. Expression lines, dark circles and puffiness are increasingly common and […]