Life is meant to be blissful
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Western Yoga

Disconnected from the source

Yogacharya BKS Iyengar

For some time now yoga has been promoted as one of the most refined or sophisticated forms of physical and mental exercise for human well-being. But during this process it has become corporatised and is losing its connection with the source.

Let’s remember that yoga was introduced to the world some 15,000 years ago and after their training at the time, seven adepts were sent to the corners of the earth […]

Where is The Divine?

According to an Old Legend

There was once a time when all human beings were divine, but they so abused their divinity that Brahma, the chief god, decided to take it away from them and hide it where it could never be found.

Where to hide their divinity was the question. So Brahma called a council of the gods to help him decide. “Let’s bury it deep in the earth,” said the gods. But Brahma answered, “No, that will not […]

A substitute for love

And the need for human touch

Massage is needed in the world, because love is leaving and people are losing touch with reality – the ground that is their bodies.

There was a time when the touch of those you loved was enough. The husband playing with the body of the woman or the woman stroking his body with affection; that was massage and that was enough. It was a deep relaxation and part of love, but that is disappearing […]


A celebration of the divine feminine

Navarātri is an Indian festival dedicated to the worship of the divine feminine. It is usually held in October and the exact dates of the festival are determined according to the lunar calendar.

These nine nights celebrate the Divine Feminine, and are a time of great festivity in India (Bharat), but this is also an appropriate time to remember our mothers and the gift of your life that she facilitated into the world.

During […]

Five Tibetans

A short cut to staying fit and healthy

By giving yourself ten to fifteen minutes per day, you can become healthier and happier. This set of exercises tones the body, improves system functions and prepares you for your day. It is also a good set of exercises to do before meditation as it helps to forget the body.

The why:

Slow your ageing process Boost your vital energy Generate mental clarity and focus Improve your metabolism; immune function and […]

The Heart of Suffering

Most suffering begins in the mind

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Please understand that suffering is anything that ails us from our anxiety and depression to fear, broken societies, diseases, accidents and even the violence in the world.

A feature of suffering in modern society is that most of us think it is something we catch like a cold or suffer like a broken leg, and these things of course do happen. Within Buddhism it is taught that all suffering begins […]

Humanity On the Brink

Of Extinction

Many children when committing acts of folly are warned by peers and parents that such action may lead to harm, but so many children do it anyhow and then they wonder why they got their fingers burned. Then instead of recognising how stupid they were, they blame someone else instead of taking responsibility.

Civilisation is destroying the world and those who can see are crying stop, but civilisation is like a train with no brakes. It is not […]

Parvati to Shiva

The ultimate question

By way of introduction, Shiva was the first yogi who lived some 15,000 years ago. His wife Parvati played a role in bringing Shiva away from ascetic isolation into creative participation in the world. He is referred to the Adiyogi and his first students went to the continents to share the wisdom.

One day The Goddess sang to her lover Bhairava

Beloved and radiant Lord of the space before birth, Revealer of essence, Slayer of the […]

Getting Massaged

Your body is not the problem, you are the problem

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Finding Joy

Incompatible with hard work

SHRI KRISHNA By Yogendra Rastogi

The Protestant ethic and consequently the society we are a part of in the West is built on the ethic of hard work and self-sacrifice. Add to this the Catholic abhorrence of pleasure for the people and we end up with a world like today where the truly happy people are seen as a little strange and the hard workers think they may be on drugs.

Many of the […]