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Yoga Meditation Classes

A path of self realisation


Baddhakonnasana or cobblers pose

Yoga meditation is a generic term and meditation is simply a process of relaxation and introspection. It is about spending some quality time with yourself and sometimes it's easier to get a foothold in this practice by practising with others.

Suited to anyone over age 12, these classes combine a few simple stretches and breathing techniques to facilitate energy flow and bodily comfort followed by talk, discussion, sitting meditations and sometimes chanting.

In terms of comfort most people sit cross legged and they pose to the right is a preparatory exercise. People may like to bring their own cushion or sat in a chair. The room is generally quite warm and comfortable loose lightweight clothing is best.

These classes are held in Christchurch New Zealand on Monday and Thursday evenings from 730 to 9 p.m. although discussions may continue later. Side effects include a greater sense of wellbeing, better sleep, improved health and vitality.

Classes have been suspended for 2017, read Meditation for Healing

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