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Holistic Health and Bodywork


Learn a complete full body massage

Learning options include self study, distance learning with optional certification and personal tuition in Christchurch New Zealand.

1. Massage Basics:
A foundational course in recreational massage and holistic bodywork to treat friends and family for relaxation, stress and pain relief.

  • Use this comprehensive on line guide to learn massage. There is comprehensive health and safety information with instruction on how to give a full body massage for use on a bed, floor or massage table.
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2. Introductory Massage Certificate:
A comprehensive massage guide which has started many careers. You can learn how to do this full body massage in New Zealand  or by correspondence through this on line manual.

  • This introductory certificate course can be attended in person in Christchurch, New Zealand.
  • Classes are taken with personal tuition or distance learning.

3. Holistic Bodywork Bevel One:
A training guide for those wanting to enter the massage and healing arts industry or start their own therapy business.

  • This certificated Ayurvedic (holistic) based course teaches massage for physical and mental restoration. Attend in person in Christchurch, New Zealand with personal tuition or take the non certified on line course. Prospectus.

This website is one of the most comprehensive massage and holistic bodywork guides available on the internet. Over 700 pages of instructions with illustrations and videos on massage and holistic healing designed for anyone interested in the healing arts as well as students taking our courses.
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All schools and universities are based on the idea of competitiveness. Authentic education teaches not to compete; this school teaches:

  • Cooperation
  • That you don't have to fight and be the best.
  • Creativity and love
  • Ecstatic without comparing with others.
  • Happiness is not dependant on being first.

Authentic education does not teach to be first and be better.  It teaches you how  to enjoy everything you do, not the result, but the action itself.


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