A struggle for base survival

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The patriarchal view of women today is a confused mix of wonder and lustful ideology.

We live in a world where woman are struggling for social and political equity, struggling to recover their mana and rights to life on equal terms with the men whom they suffer as much as they love.

In our ancient history, it was recognised and appreciated that all life came from woman and she was venerated as a sacred being.  Throughout the ancient world, there were countless figurines depicting the female form. These are often little more than tits and arse and a reminder to humanity of its origins.

We don’t know for sure if those ancient goddess images affected the minds of men then as they do today, but it is likely true that for some men, those ancient images is much as the modern pinup girl triggers that biological instinct to reproduce.

With the advent of agriculture, life became more complicated.  Patriarchy and capitalism  developed, woman became tradable economic units which remains the position of most women in the world today.

The battle of the sexes

As much as men have disagreed with each other, men and women have disagreed even more. There are times when women won the arguments through wit, charm and good reason. But their logic and desire for harmony has always frustrated those men who are governed more by lust than reason as represented in this American view.

It seemed that somewhere in the course of history, man wanted absolute control of his world.  Men all over the world have colluded with each other and prescribed codes of conduct for woman so that they can live their lives to their own ideal of harmony although a consequence of that may well be the destruction of civilisation and all life on earth as the games of man have gotten so out of hand.



Ancient goddess images. Prehistoric porn or respectful reminders of women as goddesses and the sacredness of life?

The evolution of the modern religions, and these are patriarchal constructs and body men’s frustrations in making peace with women. But once indoctrinated, women subjugate themselves.

The rise of the feminist movement took hold in the light of reason, but unfortunately the world is ruled more by mass hysteria than reason and for every step forwards that women take towards equity, they slip back into servitude.

Our inner balance

We humans are energetic beings and dualistic in our make up,  in energetic terms we all contain a mixture of masculine and feminine energy regardless of whether we are male or female.

The woman with more testosterone can have a very masculine manner and a man with less testosterone or a keen intelligence may be more effeminate. This and the balance has nothing to do with biology although in some cases biology can be affected by the state one’s inner being.

In order to function to our fullest potential, you’ll need to balance our internal masculine and feminine principles. This is not an easy task and becomes another source of frustration which is reflected outwards to be seen in the battle between the sexes.

By and large, men have been unable to find that inner balance and they control their emotions by suppressing the female principal, and by doing this it becomes second nature to socially suppress woman in society.

Because we have lost our inner balance, it is not only woman who have lost their freedom but we have all lost our freedom as capitalism and service to the profit motive has overtaken our sensibility.

We conveniently overlook the fact that we all came from our mothers and in turn, all life comes from planet Earth. Patriarchy was one thing, but the runaway capitalism is even worse as it is actively destroying the environment we depend on for life and it is further degenerating humankind.

Common groundwoman

With the explosive growth of the human population and penetration of the light a reason into some areas of our lives, there has been some common ground found in our search for deeper meaning and a life that is more pleasurable than painful. This is represented in yoga tantra.

Regardless of how much freedom we actually have two move in the world, we are still confined by our economic, social and political situations. Some are trapped in actual prisons, others are trapped in unhappy relationships and unhappy jobs, but we are all trapped in some way by the limitations of our own minds.

We will continue to find more common ground when we recognise that the main reason that we are here is to survive as a species and on that principle, learn to cooperate.

It is through cooperation that we learn to set our differences aside and work towards a common goal.

  1. Our initial goal of survival requires that we all respect our mothers as the source of life.
  2. Our second goal is to ensure the continuity of our species and this means taking on a new respect for planet Earth.
  3. The third goal is to work toward a life of pleasure and relief from suffering.  Many argue that suffering is essential to bring out the best in us, but I think suffering only maims and deprives us.

Our folly has brought us to the brink of not only the extinction of our own species, but all life on earth. Therefore, in order to save our mothers and all future mothers, we need to stop this insidious game we call capitalism and start over.

It is the principles within patriarchy and capitalism that have bought woman into disrepute and by abolishing these systems woman again will retake her rightful place beside man and together they will forge a future.

To help with this transformation we require strong woman such as those represented in the movie  “The source.” We need women who can stand up and own themselves, own their bodies and be unmoved by the whims of men without losing their love whereas men need to learn love all over again.

Current struggles

All around us, the world is at war over the possession of the earth’s resources including people who are also traded. Every year there are millions of women sold into the sex industry by their families or those who have kidnapped them. A great many marriages are simply arrangements where the men have sex for money.  Interestingly, a report recently came out that showed the US military is the world’s largest human trafficker.

But if the men of the world could surrender their tormented egos and work to restore the planet instead of destroying it, humanity may have a chance. If the men made peace in their own hearts and minds, even the women who’d suffered the beatings, acid attacks and murders for imaginary crimes, the women would forgive them.

It is time we all celebrated the divine mothers, the women who want peace and a stable environment in which to raise theie children.

Should we fail, we shall face the wrath of the universal divine mother and what remains of our civilisation may become a subject of intrigue as a new society begins to evolve thousands of years into the future.

Kali, the divine mother on a good day.
Once angered, she can destroy the entire universe.