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Happy Ending Massage

The rub and Tug

A gentleman's favourite all over the world, the massage with a happy ending comprises a generally good therapeutic massage to the back and legs then, the therapist works up the legs to the groin which usually causes a man to have an erection.  Then a little hand relief solves his problem and provides what many men say is 'the ultimate relaxation'.

This massage has been ingrained in many cultures for generations, so much so that foreign visitors were often absolutely delighted that the service was provided as a normal everyday part of the treatment without fuss or guilt.

Most men and women on occasion practice masturbation for stress release which enables them to resume their normal function within society.  Many men and women go to prostitutes for the stress relief and sometimes more intimate purposes, but in massage it's just another form of stress relief.

A moral argument

Today such a massage runs contrary to people's ideals of morality* and social behaviour, so is it such a bad thing?

For the morally principled woman, in particular those with American or peculiar religious backgrounds, they believe that this is an infidelity on their partners part, but is this infidelity?

Bill Clinton argued that oral sex was not infidelity and stress relief in this manner is sociably acceptable as it is in many cultures.  Despite the backlash, it opened new discussion and a surge of women seeking the same rights as only a 100 years ago, it was common for women to trot off to see their doctor for some genital massage and an orgasm to relieve their stress.


When a guy starts sitting up and becoming demanding, it's generally time to end the massage.

In modern society, marriage often equates to possession in such a way that a spouse is no longer entitled to his/her own free thoughts or self expression.  There is no evidence that a happy ending massage has any effect on marriages and some argue that sex outside of marriage helps more marriages that it helps destroy.

Almost everyone over the age of 15 or 16 understands that the release that comes from masturbation swung into a much more relaxed mood, so what's the problem of having someone else perform this service?

Morality is invalid and many therapists indulge in providing this service where there is comfort and trust.  I'm not condoning or disapproving, like other aspects of massage penis massage is pleasurable and often more-so with release.   It's not an emotional commitment although there is the potential for an ongoing relationship as between any other therapist and client.

Today many men experience massage therapists who are to stuck-up, to self righteous and politically correct to give a good massage.  This puts men off massage because they may get a boner and feel embarrassed.  So even if your not going to touch there, you still have to make them feel comfortable.

Sadly the therapists who provide that service are most often poorly trained in real body therapy and do it as an alternative to prostitution.  If you want to walk that path, you need to be grounded in who you are and have some knowledge of sociology and sexual (tantrik) massage.  But if you are able to manage people and do a great massage, the question will not arise.

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*morality is a social construct/control created by those in power.

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