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Holistic Bodywork Manuals

Courses in hands on healing

For members only, the holistic bodywork manuals detail how to perform massage for healing, relaxation and therapy.

The manual can be read and used to further one's learning and personal growth or to add skills to the massage you already do. But its primary function is in providing complete instructions on how to perform a holistic, full body therapeutic/ remedial massage for the relief of suffering.

Within this section are the anatomy and physiology pages and:

  1. Introductory Massage Certificate Course Student Manual - Course summary
    • 28 pages of detailed instructions
    • detailed images and videos detailing the complete introductory massage course as taught in our Christchurch school.
    • This course is also available by correspondence.
    • For lapis members and above
  2. Holistic Bodywork Level One Student Manual - Course summary
    • 33 pages of detailed instructions on advanced massage techniques including medical massage
    • detailed images and videos detailing the complete intermediate massage course as taught in our Christchurch school.
    • Business and clinic management.
    • For sapphire members and above.
  3. The Hot Stone Massage Guide - Course summary
    • An 8 page overview and instructions to incorporate hot stone massage into one's massage practise
    • This is accessible by lapis members.
  4. Lomi Lomi Massage Guide - Course summary
    • A 19 page overview and instructions introducing Lomi Lomi massage plus the book on Huna Theory.
    • This is accessible by sapphire members and above.
  5. Holistic Bodywork Level Two
  6. Diploma Course


  1. Login and review all the massage information pages and begin reviewing anatomy and physiology.
  2. Familiarise the course summary page from which the detailed instructions and videos will open off.
  3. Correspond with the tutor as needed.
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