Life is meant to be blissful
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Defining the core of us

“The Afterlife Dysfunction” is about how modern neuroscience and quantum mechanics is completely reshaping our idea of reality and consciousness. Many intriguing thoughts on the concept of consciousness are discussed in these 10 minutes; even going so far as to suggest that matter, time, and space wouldn't exist without it. All of the information presented leads to the video's final conclusion that “…statistically, an afterlife is inevitable”.

MYTH: The brain is the source of all human intelligence.

FACT: Your highest intelligence comes from at least 3 different brains, and you need them all working together.
Neuroscientists have found a second true brain in the gut (enteric nervous system with more than 100 million neurons) and another one inside the heart, radiating feelings up to 10 ft. away and is the primary source of motivation, trust, and loyalty. Interestingly, 40 - 50% of the fluctuations in an organization’s profit margin are predictable based on people’s feelings and opinions. So, these other brains also have huge financial implications. ~ Robert Cooper

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