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Certificate Course 1

Introductory massage certificate course

First steps toward a massage career

For a short time these pages are being made public in the interests of sharing the sacred art of massage, encouraging non-practitioners to learn and giving practitioners new ideas. If you are concerned with political correctness then I suggest you close the page and go somewhere else.

However if you are able to embrace your humanity and see the human organism in context with other life than you may like to begin exploring these techniques which will help to support positive relationships and an appreciation of life.

Please note, the site is undergoing some changes so some links may not work and you may need to use the drop-down menu above. If you're stuck finding a page, let me know. David

The course is presented requiring a massage table, however for home use, it can be done on an bed or padded floor.

As your hands stroke over the skin of the person's body, follow the contours of the body, feel the texture of the skin and the contours or shapes of the underlying muscles and bones. The art of massage is to be able to distinguish the underlying muscles and treat them with the techniques you are learning.

To use this manual:

The summary page lists the sequence of techniques. It is your main reference with links to detailed pages describing the application of massage techniques which open in a new tab.

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