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Page 10 - Full Back

Introductory massage certificate course

Full Back Massage

This is a run through of the back techniques described in the previous pages


  • The start - smoothing out, pulsing and undraping
  • The practicality of  adding oil
  • The flow / speed of the strokes
  • how far my fingers slide under the body to complete the strokes
  • I don't do every technique 3 times but please do as time allows..
  • Returning to tight spots
  • Everyone loves the side sweep to complete the side

A more recent video showing more clearly the stirring of the pot and the wringing along the torso.

Part two
This clip commences where I have changed sides having lifted the dangling arm as above. The back stretch evolves in this clip and if you feel inclined, you can have a play but keep in touch with the person you're working on


  • Try for consistency
  • The review process
  • The deeper forearm work is something for you to explore if you're working on well padded person. But this is additional to the course.

Supplemental - other therapists style

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