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Page 2 - Add Oil

Introductory massage certificate course

Commencing the massage

Mack Massage

The back includes the buttocks

To apply Oil or Wax or other medium, effleurage is the massage technique used. Adding cool mediums can be a little shocking and distracts from the relaxation you are attempting to convey, so warmed oil or wax is best.

The back of the body in massage is defined as the area of the body from the crease where the thighs meet the buttocks to the crown of the head (as illustrated in the image right, including the sides of the body down to the table surface. While many therapists do not massage buttocks due to political correctness or that clients are to shy, if you are doing service to the body, the buttocks must be included.

  1. Uncover the body part to be worked on as per draping,
  2. Rest the back of one hand on the person's body and try not to break contact.
  3. Use your free hand to acquire your oil or wax applying it to your hands, and then to the client's body.

Be practical and methodical, begin from the buttocks/ sacral area and spread the oil evenly over the whole back, including over the sides to the extent almost going under the body. Include the shoulders and neck.

You need sufficient oil that your hands can slide smoothly, but not so much that you cannot be sensitive to the skin and muscles underneath and in practice, its best to have too much rather than not enough.

If you don't have enough,  you will find that the friction is to great and may cause discomfort, the same procedure can be followed for the rest of the body, uncover, add lube and apply massage techniques with the exception of the face.

Some will absorb into the skin so you may need to apply more during the massage.

The skin of the face is naturally oily and you will only need a tiny amount of oil or wax - typically what is left on your hands after completing the body is sufficient.

Remember, you cannot use oils on anyone with liver damage as oils may aggravate the condition.

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