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Page 6 - Shoulders

Introductory massage certificate course

Easing stress

You will have completed the primary & secondary effleurage, primary & secondary thumb strokes, worked in around the sacrum and hip and perhaps done some kneading along the side which is where this video commences, and now we come to the shoulder.


  1. Explore and discover the lay of the muscles and bones and feel between them
  2. Use a combination of short and long rubbing strokes or circles with your fingertips
    • Note moving the arm / bending out the elbow alters the relationship of the muscles supporting the shoulder
    • Repeat the same moves (massage strokes) in each arm position for better overall effect.
  3. Kneading into the neck
  4. Sliding your fingers between the ribs
  5. Finish off with the side flow stroke and as you walk around the table, lift the arm you have moved back into place
  6. Repeat to the other side and note the images below.

Upper back & Shoulders
This image is to give an idea of the main area of focus
treat the shaded area
that you can combine strokes vertically along the spine plus
across on every angle, plus circular strokes up and down the directions arowed
and slide your fingers between the ribs.
You are primarily treating between the spine and shoulder blades.
repeat all movements on both sides of the spine

As for the shoulder blades, these are best done when standing above the head and stroking down
on the different angles as illustrated.
And all can be done from a position above the head.

 Another video view


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