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Page 9 - Wax on Wax off

Introductory massage certificate course

Soothing and completion strokes

This can be done any time during the massage as it's a great way to connect all parts of the back.  It's especially nice to facilitate a deep relaxation near the end of  the back massage.

Wax on Wax Off

One of the more delicious moves that's lovely to give and to receive and note that here, the more of the buttocks that are treated, the greater the ease of giving and greater the joy of receiving.


  1. A primary stroke up the back and down the arms gives the back a sense of inclusiveness.
  2. Begin with both hands on the gluteals and begin wax on wax off movement
  3. One hand will circle/ flow down over the over the side as the other circles up over the spine
  4. Alternate as in the video.

It may initially test you coordination, but when you get it, it's a great technique that can send people to sleep or onto cloud 9. The name comes for the description in the movie Karate Kid.  Keep the speed slow for relaxation and you can work the heels of your hands into the glutes more than is shown here.


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