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Holistic Bodywork 1

Holistic Bodywork Level 1 Certificate Manual

Having completed the Certificate Course One, this Level One Module takes already competent therapists to a higher professional level.

Growing you, learning new skills, and getting your massage career started.

Graduates of this course have gone into employment with in New Zealand and Australian massage clinics and spa resorts or set up their own massage business. This course is recommended as the minimum amount of training required to begin working as a massage therapist.  To join this course, you must have already completed our Certificate One Course.

How to use this manual: 

  1. If you are viewing this manual to supplement your own practice, simply read about, play the videos and practice any new techniques. If you have questions, send a note to the tutor.
  2. In class students; review your in-class notes and compare with the notes and videos here, but please do not get to involved with material not yet covered in class.
  3. Please use the this page as your principal reference and read all pages.

In your own time between classes perform as many massages as you can and remember that this course builds on the Certificate One Course and sometimes its helpful to review the introductory techniques. Remember that there is a list if models available in the business management section who will complete your appraisal form.

Have some understanding of Other Healing Systems and the Business Management has more information about setting up a professional clinic and establishing good business practices.

"Just as a bird cannot fly if it has stones tied to its legs, so we cannot make progress on the spiritual path if we are tied down by the chains of attachment and false beliefs" ~ Geshe Kelsang Gyatso.

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