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Hot Stone Massage

The Hot Stone Massage Manual


Hot Stone Massage Aesthetic View

Incorporating the use of hot and cold stones into a massage therapy practice.

This manual accompanies the QMBS hot stone massage course in New Zealand.

A new fad or a valid practice?

As human beings we like to be warm and go to great lengths to keep ourselves warm as we have throughout history and the use of hot stones to rub the body is a common practice. Throughout history, stones have been heated by fire to cook food, to warm the bed and also to rub our aches and pains.

Today wheat bags and hot water bottles are popular to ease chills, relieve aches and pains which along with heat rubs are effective in providing relief from pain and discomfort.

So if you are not already incorporating heat into your practice, perhaps it's time you did.

The following pages provide sufficient instruction for most practitioners to incorporate the use of the hot stones into their practise. However you should have a minimum of 20 hours formal massage training and have completed at least 50 regular massages before starting out with the hot stones.

Page 1 Introduction

Attend a Hot stone massage course in Christchurch New Zealand

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