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Lomi Lomi

Lomi Lomi is not a massage technique - it is a prayer


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An ancient traditional massage
This resource accompanies formal instruction, however these pages can be used by members to help their posture and flow as they work to create a systematic Lomi Lomi style of holistic bodywork characterised by the long flowing strokes that typically sweep the body from tip to toe. This system incorporates traditional palm and forearm strokes, compressions, trigger point, acupressure, stretches, joint mobilisation, massage under the body, lifting the body and long soothing movements  in combination with energy work and energy balancing to help restore the body's natural energy flow and releasing blockages caused by stress.

We are now 200 years on since the traditional Lomi Lomi went underground and today's Lomi Lomi is a variant based on what remains of that tradition that you can read about on the history page.

This massage encompasses everything that it is to be human and it seems impossible to do the subject justice as it would take thousands of pages to convey the richness and fullness of this sacred art, so for now this area contains ideas, notes and directions to support and further your practice with numerous video clips of what others around the world are doing.

The Massage
At its purest, Lomi Lomi is a divine dance. The session  commences with meditation and/or prayer, attunement and then the massage incorporating commonly used massage techniques (i.e. rubbing and pressing) plus lifting, stretching and dance to facilitate healing on all levels and so is a good method to release physical, mental and emotional trauma, to restore a sense of equilibrium or balance.

This massage is best performed on a bare table and uses much more oil or wax than  a regular massage and those who come forLomi Lomi Massage will be different from regular clients, they will be consciously aware souls seeking stress release and holistic balance, healing emotion and a restoring a person toward their divine state.

Lomi Lomi Holistic Bodywork breaks many of the rules adhered to by most therapists working in the public domain and although Lomi Lomi is legal in America, it's pure application may be illegal in some US states as the client generally lies completely naked, though the shy may leave their knickers on. Massaging the breasts is inclusive and the genitals are not treated. However the massage may be modified to be done using sheets, towels and regular draping, but it won't be quite the same massage.

Lomi lomi massage draping is different from other massage styles. The massage is done on the bare table so that strokes can go under the body without snagging. At the start of the massage the person is typically covered with a light weight sheet or sarong that is removed as the massage proceeds. In most lomi lomi videos, you see that the recipient has a small towel over their genitals; to comply with youtube policies. But in practise they are usually naked as a towel gets in the way. While the massage does not include the genitals, it goes very close and genital contact with men is difficult to avoid. This calls for a strong spiritual attitude and channelling of energy to prevent the massage becoming sexual.

The bottom line when performing these treatments is that you must realise that you are treating as much of the entire person, including body, mind and spirit available to you without judgement or sexual overtones.

Similar to Yoga and other traditional modalities, the ancient Huna wisdom perceives the human composition as four defined bodies - physical, mental, emotional and spiritual and three minds - unconscious body mind, the conscious mind of ego and intelligence, and a higher mind of self knowing.

Although much of the old Kahuna knowledge seems to have been lost in this world of changing and questionable values, a tradition remains which has been passed down orally from generation to generation and is now becoming popularised in the West and elements of this massage are being incorporated into other holistic massage systems such as Chiromassage from Russia, Esalen Massage from California with practitioners like Pietro Corvino, Annabel Cento and although I use the term Lomi Lomi, I  regard this massage as part of "holistic bodywork".

To use this area (you will need to register to see all the pages), please view the videos that show various forms of the massage where the recipients are appropriately draped for public viewing and read the pages on learning, preparation and stuff where I have begun to add notes.

Eden Massage
In this tropical setting, how better to spend a few hours, and as a therapist, being in the water would keep you cool as it can be very hot work. This video is made for public viewing, hence the carefully arranged hair and bikini.

A brief history of Lomi Lomi

A brief demonstration of Lomi Flow

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Jason Storm's Learn Lomi Lomi Massage DVD - from the preview it is only showing a general massage which may include a few lomi lomi techniques, but there are some nice comments on his web page.

Formal instruction in Christchurch New Zealand

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