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Lomi Lomi Videos

Lomi Lomi is known by many names and has no clearly defined form as the form is the form of the body and person being treated and indeed this is a treat which is highly pleasurable, deeply relaxing and occasionally painful.

For the therapist, the massage becomes a dance balancing pressure and techniques as he or she divines the relationships between body parts, the person and their body and even the interconnectedness of their being.

Thus said, the body worker is someone who has come to terms with life's issues and has themselves a strong divine spiritual connection to all of life without judgements or predetermined outcomes.

Forearm Dance
Démonstration de massage californien par l'école de massage Massage Academy - Formation massage Paris
Presentation of Chiromassage Презентация Хиромассажа. Москва 200

Powerful, Flowing and Deep - Hawaiian Temple Lomi - serious bodywork for Body, Mind and Spirit

The art of massage. Elena Zemskova's school of massage


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