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Massage Theory

Key elements

A summary of points to recognize and remember when performing any massage.

Massage is good for you, it is therapeutic and healing but it should also be enjoyable and pleasurable, never a pain.

Massage has a reputation for relieving aches, pains and helping to restore balance to the body and mind.  When you are conscientious and aware of what you are doing, its hard to go wrong providing you exercise due care.

In massaging anyone, you are performing an act of kindness in helping another human being to relax and feel better about themselves. Massage is also about being a whole person and growing up to leave behind concerns about one's body and the popular moral ideologies about nudity.

When performing recreational massage it is ideal if the person is totally naked, but;

  1. if your room is cool you may have to keep the legs and feet covered.
  2. if they are shy,  you better keep their bum covered and after they start to relax and trust you, you may go further with permission.

Contra Indications For Massage

Massage mediums
As in the advertisement to your right, anything you put on your skin should be chemical free and good for the skin.

Lubrication so your hands will slide over the skin without discomfort or too much drag. You can simply use almost any cooking oil - if its good enough to eat, it's good enough to put on your skin but remember not every one wants to smell strongly after the treatment and its often a good idea to buy some nice massage oil or wax from your health store, supermarket or pharmacy. Read more

What are TriggerPoints?

These are irritated peripheral nerve tissues and can be Active, Latent, Satellite or Secondary.

In simple terms, these are tender spots within the muscle that can refer pain within it’s referral area.

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