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Indian Head Massage

Relaxing and soothing

Indian head massage is really a scam within the massage industry as head and scalp massage are traditionally performed by almost every hair dresser in the entire world.

Having visited India, there was no 'one obvious head massage methodology'. Everyone does their own thing.  Some are okay and some are brilliant so when you have had your shave or haircut, a head massage sets you up nicely for the day and this is something simple you can do for anyone, anywhere without any training, all you need is the desire to give a kindly service.  Within our formal courses we teach a holistic head and face massage to relieve stresses like headaches, migraines, eye strain as well as relaxation.

In these public videos you can see variation in style and you can incorporate elements into your own massage.

Head massage in a barbershops

Very whacky Head massage - only in India -
But within the apparent chaos there is a sound massage.
If Pushkar is on your itinerary, go see this man!

Another variation

Sandhya Mridul on Head Massage

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