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Wax on wax off

A coordination test

Making smooth opposing circles with hands, thumbs or fingers. These moves are about creating niceness and deep relaxation within the flow.

Wax on wax off thumbs
Keep both thumbs on the skin and make opposing circles. This is nice to use up and down the sides of the spine as illustrated as well as over the hips and shoulders.

Wax on wax off from primary effleurage to wax on wax off effleurage and variations

Wax on wax off effleurage to wax on wax off thumbs and variations
This shows more on the intermediate application by flowing from one technique to another and working back into the areas of tightness over the shoulders.

Crossover and Wax on Wax off effleurage
An idea about how you can flow from one technique to another without stopping.

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