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Female Body

In search of the divine feminine

Divine mother

Divine mother

The source of our lives

The female body functions to bring new life into the world, and everyone owes their lives to their mothers.

In ancient times women were worshipped as gods because they gave life, nurtured us and taught us basic survival skills until we were old enough to begin helping ourselves.

With the development of agriculture some 20,000 years ago, the role of women began to change and she fell from a position of status in the tribe to a chattel and slave in the developing society, something that remains contentious today.

Modern woman is now in a position where she is struggling for equality and basic human rights in a highly politicised world.  Social and political forces are so powerful that Western women if they were to examine all aspects of life may find that they are still in slavery.

Having the right to vote and speak freely is all well and good, but useless when body and mind are manipulated by the media and your body itself controlled by outside forces.

Defining Powers

Women as well as children and men are subject to a daily barrage of lies and half truths that shape how we see ourselves.  The skinny catwalk models controlled by the media create the illusion of the 'perfect body' which women are expected to aspire and conform to.

As well as for a mate and employment, women are forced to compete for beauty and many loose their lives prematurely from overuse of toxic chemicals found in beauty products.  This competition has a flow on effect contributing toward the demise of our species.

That by applying common sense, healthy eating, being fit and having a good family, community and work life we should all be happy. However this is not every woman's experience, in addition to social and political forces, one must contend with one's biological start in life.

Not everyone gets a the perfect body as prescribed by many and life may seem unfair, but the perfection of a woman is to live her life and raise healthy children.  But like every living thing,  she must accept reality and apply herself to survival, not just her immediate needs, but for the continuation of our species.

In these pages we discuss how you get through the years of adolescence, menstruation and child bearing, and then menopause and remain fit and healthy so that you can move through old age with dignity and self determination rather than being relegated to some impersonal retirement home?  The sociological forces affecting are discussed under sociology and women's issues.

There are an estimated 27 million people in slavery today, Free the slaves.

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