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The whole in holistic bodywork


Holism requires that you are mentally and energetically present, this means always facing your client and keeping your attention on them.

Holistic Bodywork includes all the parts of the body - body systems, bony structures, soft tissues,fluids, atoms and molecules. It also includes our thinking mind, energy, consciousness, divinity and our relationships with each other, our planetary home and the universe.

To be holistic in your approach, you need to be present, holism requires that you are mentally and energetically present, this means always facing your client and keeping your attention on them.

The 'whole' is the entirety of both our known and unknown universe, yet we have difficulty grasping the concept of our 'whole body' and it relationship within our environment. This is in part because society is divided and most people are divided against their bodies.  Holistic massage or holistic bodywork creates unity where there was division.

The environment we reside in is so vast, many don't consider it a part of the whole,  yet we are intrinsically connected and a part of it. However our awareness is limited to what is near and this awareness is partially blinded by by our weaknesses.

Of course we suffer as a result of our weaknesses (illnesses) and yet it is often our beliefs that blind and prevent healing. I know that yoga exercise for instance helps relieve suffering, yet many are set in their belief that yoga or that matter, any 'complementary medicine' cannot help them,  yet it is common knowledge that modern medicine often kills.

The Holistic Bodywork Manual is an attempt to explain our connection to the universe and provide encouragement for people to suspend their disbelief sufficient to embrace some more holistic concepts and not only begin to heal themselves, but to restore the Earth as the Garden of Eden and a paradise once more.

We are shaped by our history which many call karma and you could say that besides being a child of our mothers, we are also end products of our entire history. Unfortunately our recent history is so full of lies that we are confused and added to this we don't know our exact origins. Did we simply evolve from apes, or did we come from the stars? At present there is no way of knowing for sure, perhaps our distant ancestors have origins in both Darwin's concept of natural evolution and some interbreeding with those from the stars?

There is sufficient evidence that there are other intelligent life forms that have visited us, BUT we do not have to believe this, rather remain open to the possibility as this requires less energy that holding the disbelief.

We are energetic beings, in a way our bodies operate electrically, we can feel, perceive and influence people and objects over distances, and we respond or react do different energies.

The Whole Body

From our thoughts to our bones we are physical and this physicality has a structure and a relationship with the whole and that relationship affects our structure and our awareness of joy, pleasure, pain, contentment and our ability to function.

Consider for a moment; our feet rest on the ground and connect with the earth forming a foundation for our bodies to grow up from. Our bones are stacked a top each other and held in place by muscles, ligaments and tendons.

Now if there is a weakness in one muscle that it allows the skeleton to collapse, that collapse places a strain on the surrounding muscles and body parts. This is often the beginning of a degenerative process leading to atrophy of the skeletal structure and compression and impairment in function of our vital organs.

This means that in holistic healing, one of the priorities is to restore the integrity of the physical structure - its like repairing a house, you fix the foundations before repairing the walls and you don't decorate until the house is weatherproof.

The basis of repairing any 'body' is though restoration of structure through exercise, improved diet and nutrition with massage and other healing methods to relieve the symptoms of discomfort and support regeneration.

Hindrances to healing

Our attitudes, lifestyle and beliefs not only restrict healing, they are often the cause of suffering. Our attitude that we own and have dominion over the Earth is wrong, the attitude we have certain rights before others is wrong, our self judgement is wrong. We are here as individuals to share and co-create in paradise, yet we are rapidly destroying that paradise and denying happiness to generations of people.

A Revolution is Required

This revolution does not require guns or war, it requires the abandonment of all attitudes and practices which cause suffering, it is a revolution in our own hearts and to achieve this, we must stop, suspend our beliefs and disbeliefs, and begin to try being compassionate toward oneself and those around us. We need to find the courage to exercise and become responsible for our selves and stop blaming others.

We must own our own lives and free ourselves from the control of the corporations which we can do simply by shopping wisely, we must vote responsibly for sustainability and we must note that the current state of our civilisation seems beyond repair, it time to stop, admit failure and start again on a more equitable footing. Politically, lets abolish all lending and debts, the share traders can become gardeners and produce wealth instead of gambling.

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