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Comfort scale

Adjusting the pressure

Everyone experiences pressure and a different way and is a matter as the robust, they can sometimes be a challenge to know how hard you are pressing. What feels light on one person may feel heavy on another, and what feels heavy on someone else may feel light on yet another person.

The last thing you want to do when you perform a massage is hurt anyone, so therefore getting regular feedback from the person you are massaging is important. The method most commonly used which has become something of a cliche is scaling using a scale of 1 to 10.

  1. an extremely soft touch as in brushing the skin.
  2. a very soft touch as if simply feeling the texture of the skin.
  3. a soft touch where you are feeling the texture of the skin and the contours or shapes of the underlying muscles.
  4. a gentle touch that begins to appreciate the degree of softness or tension in the underlying muscles without causing any discomfort. This pressure and those above are generally more applicable to sensual massage and emotional healing rather than physical therapy.
  5. the beginning pressure for remedial therapy, yet it is soft and never painful to the recipient.
  6. a firmer touch way you are beginning to address the tightness in the muscles without causing any discomfort.
  7. the optimal pressure for deep tissue massage that is not painful, but it is firm and still feels really good.
  8. unless you really know what you're doing, this just hurts and will make your friend or customer uncomfortable. It is sometimes approached when doing deep tissue massage, trigger point or acupressure.
  9. unless you are a highly skilled clinician with many years of experience you would never apply this much pressure as most people would find it far too uncomfortable, yet it may be used in rare instances.
  10. this pressure would cause bruising or other injury and should never be used in any circumstances.
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