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Pre Massage Interview

Know who you are about to treat

The purpose of a pre-treatment interview is part of the Health & Safety plan as before treating anyone, you must ensure that the client is healthy and fit to be massaged and that their expectations match what you are able to offer.

You and the client must agree as to what clothing they will remove and what parts of the body they may not want exposed or touched.  You have to  respect other peoples boundaries and make them feel safe, you must establish trust, and in time they may bare all.

Ask; do you

  • suffer from any skin or health problem
  • have any aches and pains, if so, what is the cause
  • have any allergies or are likely to have any reactions to the oils/balms/creams you use

Ask; do you

  • want a full body or part body treatment
  • feel comfortable about your body being seen or touched

If they have reservations, doubts or fears, its your job to reassure them that you will keep them comfortable, and you may have to negotiate as to what parts of the body are to be treated.

Many people are very self conscious and a good way to get people out of their clothes is to insist they take a shower before the massage and give them a big towel to cover up with. Remember to also ask them to remove all jewellery, rings, earrings etc.

Your pre-treatment interview establishes what is going to happen during the treatment and is a good way to establish good client relationships.

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