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Occupational health

And the games people play

cancelPeople of all shapes, sizes and states of mind arrived in the massage clinic and sometimes it takes a super slewth to read their expectations, intentions, real and imagined needs.

We must remember that we live in a fantasy world where most of the population believes they are free and independent people, but they are slaves to their debts and confined to a life of suffering that on the service they might not admit to, but underneath surface it boils and agitates their being.

As a therapist, it's lovely to get people who are straight up, tell you what they want and the work is easy. However it is increasingly common to have clients coming who are seriously tormented and if they choose not to like you, they can very easily make trouble.

A woman who was giving a 16-year-old boy a massage is now in trouble with the law because Oklahoma City Police says the masseuse inappropriately touched the teen. Yahoo News.

A masseur was charged with indecent assault following a complaint Newstalk ZB

Across the USA there are 28 documented Massage Envy therapists in 14 states who have been accused of sexual misconduct. Action news.

In the above news items, the sixteen-year-old boy demanded sex and he was refused, therefore he made a complaint of sexual misconduct causing great distress to the masseuse and her family.

A masseur accidentally touched the woman's breast as he straightened the towel, now he has lost his job and may end up with a criminal conviction.

The number of incidents around the world is huge and new stories appear in the media every day and this means that as a therapist, you have to be really careful about the class that you accept.

The Law
An institution that exists to help the corporations and politicians manipulate and control the population for their social and economic advantage.

The New Zealand legal system based on the British was ostensibly set up to protect the population from the few bad eggs in society. However no one has ever address the fact that almost all crime is a consequence of social injustice.

The legal system to a large extent in most countries has become a system of punishment and revenue gathering regardless of guilt and it's well documented that about 3% of the prison population has been falsely convicted.

When anyone is accused, the law says that you are innocent until proven guilty, however the systems we live under blie that statement and in fact everyone is treated guilty by the authorities and the community until such time as innocence can be proved.

Massage and the law
The New Zealand massage industry is unregulated and the attitude of the New Zealand authorities has not changed very much in the past hundred years where massage has always been associated with sex.

If someone makes a complaint, it is your word against theirs and unless there has actually been a rape, there can be no evidence to prove or disprove any possible offence. Therefore, if that is a complaint, the therapist is always between a rock and a hard place because the authorities typically accept the word of the complainant and discount the word of the therapist.

The police attitude is simply one of doing business and their business is to take complaints and then try and get a prosecution, and it would be nice if they could prove the facts, but they will do the damnedest to get a prosecution because that is their game.

We know from the Arthur Alan Thomas case that the police actually planted evidence to secure a conviction and while that event took place a long time ago, that same mentality exists within the police force as career minded officers may bend the rules to climb the ladder to what they see as success.

So how do you protect yourself?

There is no way of knowing was going on inside the mind of another person, but through meditation a your own spiritual development you may learn to intuit the hidden dangers that some people may represent.

The first thing you can do is to have a detailed interview and conversation with the person about their health, what they think they want and that you explain exactly what is going to take place during the massage. Then of course you must follow-up on what you have have agreed to.

The second option would be to have them read and sign a waiver form that absolve you from any perceived impropriety.

The third option would be to film the entire treatment from the time the person walks in the door until after they leave. This would then provide an accurate recording of the entire interaction and treatment. However hidden filming is illegal, so therefore you would have to have their signed consent for this to take place and it is your best protection.

There is, are not a masseuse who does not regularly have male clients asking for extras and since I have been massaging, the numbers of women asking for extras has also been on the increase and they are just as likely to ask a woman as well is men for this service.

Perhaps we should remember here that a little over a hundred years ago, female masturbation was prescribed and delivered by doctors with the full approval of society.

Blame is such a waste of our precious energy.

Sexual indulgences in the massage room for the therapists pleasure is improper, however providing a sexual service (relief) for a client may well be proper as let's be honest, it provides another level of stress release and well-being.

We have to remember that we live in a world's that is totally corrupt and the experiment of civilisation is on the brink of total failure.

Therefore you must keep everything in perspective and remember that the customer is not always right a your first duty is to protect yourself and your business.

There is no solution to protecting yourself from the person who complains about you for doing this service you've refused to perform.

We live in a multidimensional world and if your heart is pure and you live up to your own expectations, you are unlikely to come to any harm.  But as we look at ways before we cross the road, please take care and how you deal with your clients.

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