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Health Benefits of Massage

The power of touch

The sense of touch can do a lot of wonders for an individuals mental and physical sanity. Massages are no fad. If you have been wondering whether all these fancy sounding massages and the emergence of spas is a scam then you couldn't be more wrong! There are plenty of scientifically proven and medicinal benefits of massages which make these treats worth a shot!

A massage is a wondrous tool to seek relief from muscle sores, pains and aches and works amazingly well with inflammation caused due to intense muscle use. Abundant research conducted on the health benefits of massages relates a number of reasons why massages are a great tool for achieving mental and bodily relaxation.

This health benefit of massages is a no brainer. Yes, massages have proven to be quite effective in relieving pain of a variety of sorts:

Improved Circulation

Massage is renowned for improving circulation and massage training specifies how to achieve this. During a massage, the fluids are squeezed out of the muscles and specific drainage strokes move fluids (blood & lymph) toward the body. When the pressure is released, the relaxed muscles more readily draw in fresh fluids.

Pain Relief

A study conducted recently showed a group of individuals suffering from devastating back pain to seek relief much quicker when they incorporated massage in their treatment than those who didn’t. Furthermore, other extensive research show massages to be as efficient in providing pain relief against osteoporosis and muscle stiffness as are pain medications, yoga and acupuncture.

Better Sleep

Dozing off on a massage table is something that a lot of those who have gone for a deeply relaxing massage have experienced. Research states that massages can prompt delta waves, the brain waves that are directly linked to deep sound sleep. If you are suffering from insomnia issues and have been sleep deprived for any reason whatsoever, a massage can do wonders in regards to promoting healthy sleep. This health benefit of massage may help those individuals who suffer from sleep disorders such as Insomnia.

Enhanced Immunity

Even though the pool of research conducted on this subject has been substantially small, there is evidence that states massages can build on immunity. Massages can stimulate the production of disease fighting white blood cells which has a boosting impact on the immunity. Furthermore, the stress relieving effects massages entail can promote inner health, adding on to an immunity boost.

PMS Relief

This health benefit of massages is going to be loved by women everywhere! PMS is that disastrous time of the month when women have their hormones going haywire and the week is all about bloating, cramps and mood swings. It has been reviewed that the deeply relaxing effect brought about by a massage can have quite a bearing on pain relief and lessening of muscle stiffness which is what causes the excruciating cramps. Moreover, massages are also helpful in regulating mood swings by promoting feelings of calmness and stress release within the body, helping eliminate all the negative energy being brought about by the hormones in the system.

Great for Headaches

One remedy for headaches we have all always been aware of is massages. Sources state that a gentle rub down over the head when it is aching is the best tool to seek relief from the atrocious pain. Also, head massages also work best in lessening the pounding pains brought about by migraines.

Good for Your Hair and Complexion

This isn't exactly a massage health benefit, or, maybe it is – it depends on your perception. If lacklustre hair and a dull complexion have been issues you've been trying to counter, try massages, and see the lavishing difference yourself! A little prod here and there can add on to your beauty. Massages have the impact of increasing blood flow, and so massaging your scalp with a little oil can add the lustre and shine to your hair and make it grow faster and stronger too! Furthermore, massages also plump up slack skin and encourage the process of lymphatic drainage, which basically entails the cleansing off the body from toxins, which provides vitality, life and radiance to your skin!

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