Life is meant to be blissful
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About the site

Suān Qǔ

A love song for humanity
looking at the world from the perspective
that our reason for being
is our collective happiness
as we ponder our origins and potential

A new philosophy of living
Positive Choice
Positive Business
Positive Education
Supporting Humanity
Life on our Planet

If you delve into the mystery of your body
and discover the wisdom there.
You will never need a priest or God as
you will find the seat of consciousness within.

Steps to peace and wholeness
universal understanding and
the continuation of our human species

Other words:

This website is intended as a resource supporting steps to peace where citizens can freely read and share information on our fundamental humanity, health, health care, allopathic medicine, complementary medicine and healing by following the principals of universal responsibility and a good heart as explained by The Dalai Lama. In using this website and or the information contained within, we recommend that all persons consult with their health care professional and look for verification of any information and ideas they are considering implementing.

Human Rights

Life, freedom and self determination with water, food, shelter and education are basic human rights.

As consumers, we are what we eat and it is our responsibility to know how and where the things we use and consume come from.  To help us recover our humanity and our health, it is a right to be able to have access to natural organic foods that have not been chemically or genetically changed and be able to access nutritional supplements to help balance and strengthen our metabolism.


Allopathic medicine generally refers to "the broad category of medical practice that is sometimes called Western medicine" that while it retains some ideology from the time of Hippocrates, it is largely a system based on the technology of the past two hundred years.  This system is excellent mechanically at mapping the body and its irregularities, repairing broken bones and performing surgeries.  The greatest criticism of allopathic medicine is that it mostly treats only the symptoms of illness rather than discovering and treating the cause of the illness.

Complementary medicine and natural healing systems see illness as an imbalance in nature and the ideology is to discover and treat the root cause of the illness and as necessary relieve the symptoms enabling life to continue.  According to the World Health Organization, between sixty-five and eighty percent of all people on Earth rely on non-allopathic medicine for their primary health care needs and yet there are powerful moves by drug companies and governments to restrict access to natural medicines and systems of healing in many Western countries.

The human body

While many moralists say the human body is sinful and should be kept covered and this edict has come with such religious and political power, that generations of people have been afraid to fully undress even in private. Fortunately this era is now slipping away behind us, however the human body is still subject to many social, commercial, religious and political influences. We hold that every individual human body and human being is a marvel of creation, a treasure-house of the spirit to be celebrated regardless of gender or fortune and that by actively using our natural human senses, we will move toward enlightenment.

The human body is a beautiful thing without any shameful aspects. “Sex” is something that happens when you use your body to “have sex.” The body itself is not sex, is not dirty, is not “explicit”, it's not shameful, not evil, malicious, or any other thing. This site is about humanity, our bodies, environment and energy, and that we post relevant images where genitals are visible, this has nothing to do with sex as this is not a sex blog. Sadly, as you probably notice, there are fewer photos of men available than women.

A new paradigm

The goal of peaceful coexistence and enlightenment.  Let us not be slaves to industry, instead let us serve each other and share the journey toward enlightenment, let us continue to develop technologies that serve human growth and exploration that we may visit the stars physically  as well as in consciousness. Let us banish disease and enhance our health while enhancing the health and biodiversity of our planetary home.

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