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Zealandia Rising E Book

Book One - A Story of transformation

zr_coverSet in a future where the crises of today's world are magnified. Our story is set in New Zealand, a land seemingly remote from major catastrophes, yet this land is also being dragged down by political and geographic upheaval. Tectonic plate movements, earthquakes, tsunamis and strange weather have become so devastatingly common that political concerns have given over to survival as the story opens.

Our hero's Alice and Jack escape a certain death from volcanic fallout, meet and become intimate friends as they journey south. During this adventure, they begin discussing the human condition and the problems of civilization. What most of us learn in school is an adulterated history written for political gain and social control. This history is reviewed as they escape more dangers and eventually encounter people.

A delightful well told tale weaving facts, philosophy, drama and the intricacies of human relationships.

"They were interrupted by an earth tremor that made everything rattle briefly and they crouched ready to sprint to safety. After everything settled they discovered some tins and unbroken jars amongst the putrefying mess. After part loading a shopping trolley, they decided to venture into the bulk storage area.

The doorway was partly blocked by collapsed shelving and Jack levered his way through with Alice at his heels. The area was obviously dangerous, the high shelves leaned precariously against each other and cartons hung suspended. Another small earthquake caused them to freeze in anticipation of everything falling down, but nothing fell. They took a few steps and saw a lorry with its load of large cartons askew. Part of the back wall had collapsed onto its load and partly buried a forklift. They heard some noises and suspected rats, Jack said, "Lets get an idea of what’s here, but mind the vermin and be careful.”

Zealandia Rising
Book One
A self published PDF


Alice and Jack wandered ten metres from each other as they quietly took inventory with Alice making notes in her i75. A minute later she commented loudly, "Jesus Jack, if these boxes are full, there’s enough food to last us for bloody years.”

Her voice echoed and Jack replied, "You’re right Lass, but I reckon we’ll get pretty tired of canned and dried stuff pretty soon. So lets appreciate the fresh veggies in peoples gardens and work out what we need from here.”

Another sound made Alice look up, she thought she saw a head appear from behind a row of shelves and quickly vanish so she called out, “Hey there.”

From thirty metres away Jack called back, "Are you talking to me?”

No, I thought I saw someone” Alice called back and before she had time to speak, the head reappeared long enough for Alice to make out her face. Alice took a couple of tentative steps and said, "Hi there.”

An attractive woman stepped out from behind the row of shelves into the light that poured through a hole in the roof. She took another tentative step forward and blurted out, "Hi, I’m Robin who are you, where are you from and who else is with you?”

Alice said, "Hi, I’m Alice,” and she put her hand forward without attempting to provide any more answers. As the space between them closed, Alice noted her trim curvy figure squeezed into tight jeans and a country style check shirt. Alice confidently took Robin’s hand and returned her warm smile.

Robin in her running shoes stood an inch shorter than Alice and she repeated, “Hi, I’m Robin." She paused and took in more of Alice as she said, "How nice it is to see a new face” and she allowed her eyes to more fully traverse Alice’s body in wonder.

Alice carried herself with dignity, her thick auburn hair was brushed back in an ageless style that accentuated the natural beauty of her face. Her top accentuated rather than hid her breasts, a miniskirt clung seductively to her hips, and her legs that some women had said they’d die for ended in comfortable sneakers.

Robin felt anxious as to how her husband would react and not giving Alice time to speak, called out, "Over here John, we have company.”

In that moment, Alice felt she was being judged, but she was accustomed to that and she saw Robin like the mother of a boy from school she'd dated. They'd been out a few times and he'd persuaded her to meet his family but it had turned into a total disaster. The boy’s mother forced her son to break off the relationship essentially because Alice was too pretty and dressed as she was at the time, automatically judged as trouble. This was a challenge Alice felt prepared to meet as she released Robin’s hand."

86,000 words.

Book two covers Zealandia Rising to lift the shoreline of today's New Zealand 4000 meters above sea level. To avoid the increasing cold, the surviving community is forced to seek a new home nearer the sea and everything everyone ever thought about human relationships is transformed.

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