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Massage Manuals

The Introductory Massage Manuals

Learn massage for relaxation, healing and pleasure.

The pages in this section contain instructions on how to perform a full body massage massage using oils, waxes or creams for Lapis members and above.

A valuable life skill

Massage is an instinctive response to the pains and discomforts we often suffer from. This guide provides structure and techniques to help relive suffering, give pleasure and foster happiness. It contains detailed massage instructions, images and videos for what many know as Swedish or Ayurvedic massage.

“The conversation between your fingers and someone else's skin is the most important discussion you can ever have.” ~ Iain Thomas

To use this manual, get membership and start learning:

  • Pages of interest in the Massage –Info section.
  • All the pages in massage theory and health and safety in the drop down menu above.
  • Note that the drop down menu is a pain and all pages have a menu on page bottoms to take you the next page in your course.
  • Start at the beginning of course one if you are massaging on the bed or course two if you have a massage table.
  • Read the information and play the available videos covered in your course manual and practice, practice, practice.
  • As you massage, get regular feedback from your friends
  • As you have time, explore other topics of interest
  • Comment or ask questions as needed
  • Most people learn to do a nice massage after four to six hours of study and practice.


If you're offended by nudity, do not proceed. The authors intend that this manual will give you sufficient information to be able to perform an enjoyable, recreational, holistic, full body massage using oils, waxes or creams and that by doing so, you will assist friends and family to release stress and to feel more relaxed.

If you find that you enjoy massage and that people are receptive to you treating them, then you may consider further learning. This manual is not a license to begin any commercial massage business or to ask money in return for your service.

Listed below are the pages with important background reading - information you need to know before you commence any massage.

Massage Instructions

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