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Learning Massage

Developing life skills

In this section we describe how to give a holistic full body massage for general relaxation and the release of stress with easy to follow instructions and illustrations. Sections include, back massage, back legs, feet, front begs, front torso including breasts, arms & hands, neck, head and face. For the lovers amongst you there is also a section on sensual massage, as many say that massage makes for the best foreplay.

To best utilize this information, register and read through the site. Then get together with a friend and start practising. I suggest you practice the back massage techniques several times to gain confidence before proceeding to the rest of the body and as you work on your friend, get feedback - ask how the pressure is and how they feel. You can adjust pressure and speed of your strokes to suit.

The Massage Book

"Contrary to myth, massage is a true healing art and not an advanced sexual technique. Naturally when practised by lovers it can be a beautiful extension of sexuality. In its essence massage is something simple. It makes us more whole, more fully ourselves. Your hands have the power to give this to others. Learn to trust that power and you will quickly find out better than anyone can tell you what massage is all about". George Downing


The person you are massaging must not have any health problems and we will discuss this in more detail. But put simply:
Do not attempt to massage anyone who has any health concern; i.e. cancer, heart conditions, diabetes, skin problems, pregnancy or any medical condition without informed medical consent.

Remember massage should feel good as well as be good for you and as you practice, you should never cause any discomfort and the simple rules are:

  • Be kind,
  • Be calm
  • Be considerate, and
  • Cause no pain
  • Talk little and if you must talk, talk about what you are doing and how your client is feeling. Don't talk about your problems, you are doing a service for someone else and talking will take away their relaxation.
  • Ask about pressure and stroke speed.
  • Be comfortable in your own body. Do you best to position yourself so that you are relaxed as if you are uncomfortable and stressed, you will just stress out your client.
  • The stronger pressure on the arms, legs and the head are designed to move the body fluids into the torso.

Getting Started

  1. Read the pages within the site as an overview.
  2. Set aside some time and create a quiet space; this can be the floor of your living room, a bed or anywhere warm and comfortable.
  3. Arrange for a friend or loved one to be your model
  4. Make an agreement before commencing as to how and where you will touch and what the person you are touching is comfortable with.
  5. Ideally your friend will be naked and your room temperature will be warm, (18 - 25° C) as when you apply oil to the body, the body will drop five degrees in temperature. But some people are shy, so its ok if they leave their knickers or underpants on. If your room is not so warm, you will need more towels or a blanket to cover the body parts not being worked on.
  6. Ensure you have clean hands, ideally both giver and receiver should shower before the massage commences and have removed all jewellery, including rings and watches.
  7. The giver (masseuse or masseur) should also have smooth nails and any clothing worn must not drape/drag over the person being massaged.
  8. Massage is warm work, so wear as little as practicable.
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