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Magnetism and our bodies

Bioelectromagnetics or bioelectromagnetism and Kundalini


Simple magnetic field

It is scientifically accepted that electrical or electromagnetic fields are produced by or are part of all living cells, tissues or organisms; for example, the cell membrane potential and the electric currents that flow in nerves and muscles, as a result of action potentials.

The earth's electro magnetic field is well known and documented. We know that it dissects the earth and protects the earth from the solar wind and without it, the earth and us could not exist as we do today.  Given that is is accepted that all living things generate electro magnetic fields and our sun and other planets in the solar system have electro magnetic fields, it is not unreasonable to assume that our galaxy also has a electro magnetic core.

The electromagnetic field of the human body has been known about for a very long time with documented references in the records of ancient Mesopotamia which date to about 3000 BC.

Within the science of yoga, the Kundalini and the electromagnetic field of the human body has been central to understanding our character and is sometimes seen as being more important than our more obvious physical traits.


Earth's magnetic field. Source: Te Ara - the Encyclopedia of New Zealand,Te Ara

The earth's magnetic field is described as being a direct current flow as with a bar magnet with the energy flows down through the earth from north to south, before flying out into space and around to re-enter through the North Pole region.

There is a great deal of concern in some scientific circles as the magnetic North, continues to deviate from what has always been considered the true North Pole. This simply means that the earth is tilting more on its axis and the changes to the earth we are experiencing now, partly due to global warming and partly to the earth changing shape due to the effect of centrifugal force.

Within the human body, the magnetic field has been studied in great detail and the meridians referred to in acupuncture have been scientifically validated.

It is suspected that our personal electromagnetic fields are also closely to related to our extra sensory perception and help to contact us into what is referred to as the cosmic consciousness or God consciousness.

Our physical bodies, our minds and our bioelectric fields are dependent on each other. For example, when the body and set the electromagnetic field diminishes and when the election Matt Medfield diminishes for some other reason, then the body may become unwell.

Within massage

The effleurage strokes performed in massage can be used to stimulate or reduce our bioelectric fields. This is why I emphasise the necessity to complete the full body massage instead of just treating body parts, and the general flow of the massage is consistent so that one is not always reversing strokes.

mag_field_hWithin yoga

This is where we come to work with our own by bioelectric field or kundalini.  The human biology field and the bioelectric fields of the earth I distinctly different. The energy flow of the earth is reportedly a one-way direct current, whereas in the human body, it is an alternating current, which flows both ways.

There are many younger exercises that stimulate kundalini and these are mostly in the form of creative visualisation when performing kriya and pranayama. Here a good visual reference is In Alex Grey's Sacred Mirrors that very nicely portray the kundalini and our electromagnetic field.

A simple exercise

  1. Stand in tadasana with the feet apart and stabilise your breathing.
  2. Visualise a line of energy flowing down through the centre of your body.
  3. You can of course visualise the entire field, but I find it is more valuable to visualise the kundalini extending down into the core of the earth and the other end, extending into furtherest space.
  4. Then picture of the energy flowing from the core of the earth out into distant space, and when that is established, picture the flow from distant space down into the core of the earth.
  5. When you can establish a clear perception of this dual energy flow, simply keep it going for as long as you need.

Some people get this straight away and others never do so don't be too disheartened if this visualisation fails to register in your consciousness. The interesting thing here is that energy follows thought so if you think it is happening. It will be happening.

Metaphysically, we are creating a balance between heaven and earth, connecting the male and female principles of existence and uniting them within ourselves.


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