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Breasts and massage

The most emotive body parts

Attached to the front chest, the human breasts have similarities to most mammals. The primary difference is the we walk upright making their appearance more distinctive. In most mammals, the female breasts grow and swell with milk in time for their offspring to suckle and they shrink back into the body when the lactation period is over.

The human female is different, her breasts often develop early in life and serve many social functions from attracting mates to positions of power and influence.

In most male mammals the breasts rarely ever develop, but in humans, they more often do in part to a condition known as gynomastia. This is caused by obesity and/or a hormonal imbalance caused by environmental / dietary toxins that mimic hormones.
womanIn the human female, breasts can begin to bud from the age of five or six years of age, but it's more common for growth to begin between age twelve and seventeen, and there are many exceptions. Some do not develop until well into the first pregnancy.

Anatomically, the human breasts are a fatty - glandular mass attached to the chest and held in place by the skin. The overall shape and function is determined by genetics (karma) and lifestyle factors. The health of the breasts are also determined by karma, diet and lifestyle.

In most mammals, breasts exist to provide nourishment for offspring. This is true of humans, however it is the human species that intellectualises breasts more than any other species.

We have strong memories and if we were breast fed, there is usually a strong association and appreciation of breasts and their ability to manufacture life sustaining milk. While most babies are weaned at about six months of age and the breasts often take on a changed appearance, that memory remains and the sight of breasts stimulate those fond memories and a sense of appreciation.

Of course the minds of many have been corrupted and many see breasts in a sexual light, be it their own or others. This corruption is endemic and not just about breasts; it's about the imbalanced desire of 'I want to possess' (possessives) over the sanity of "I want to give and share in harmony' (givers).

The 'possessives' are destroying our planet, creating wars and injustice. This mentality creates rapists and danger for everyone whereas the 'givers' mentality if positive and nurturing. At the sight of breasts, the possessive is reactive, aroused and entertains thoughts of selfish pleasure whereas the giver feels warmth in response.

Breast milk is best
Every mammal produces milk customised to the needs of its offspring

  • Mother’s milk is unique and it's not possible to replicate human or any mammalian breast milk despite what  the infant formula companies say.
  • The first milk after birthing is colostrum, it's loaded with immune factors and it's extremely important for the babies health.
  • Breast milk production is customised to the babies changing needs so that they get the nutrition best suited to their growth.  A babies needs are determined by the breast from receiving information from the baby’s saliva on the areola.
  • Breast milk is a complete meal with over 400+ identified nutrients, including probiotics and stem cells.
  • Breast milk is helpful in healing nappy rash and many other topical problems babies may suffer from.
  • A woman’s breasts can synchronize with newborn babies so  that milk is delivered at the right temperature and consistency.
  • Babies when held in contact with breasts are comforted - (it also works for adults in distress).
  • A women’s breasts are more reliable and efficient than any baby warmer if your child is cold.
  • Breast feeding increases breast health and helps to prevent breast cancer.

Proud breast owner

Breast owners are all different

Every woman has a unique attitude to her own breasts and in terms of seeing other women's breasts, she may be a possessive or a giver and this depends largely on socialisation and upbringing.

So many are raised with prejudices and erroneous concepts about breasts and our bodies in general.  The religious ethics would have us believe that the body and anything physically pleasurable is a sin; and in some countries a societal crime.

Lets recap; breasts are primarily for nurture and as long as they fulfil this role, regardless of appearance,  then your breasts are okay.

Fashion and society

Fashion creates unreasonable influences and expectations so much so than many women undergo surgeries and practise camouflage to alter or hide their breasts.  Women who take issue with the appearance of  their breasts should address the problem in their minds and take no notice of the opinions of others.

But breasts cosmetics are a huge industry and women and their breasts have become commodities. This is a sad fact of life and a condition that can be overcome through conscious awakening.


Lets face it, we all love to look at each other naked and there are many  reasons.  Being naked reminds us of our mortality and helps connect us to nature.  Being naked takes us out of the games people play and allows a sense of  freedom.

The human body and indeed many other species  incorporate the golden number or golden mean into  their shape and curves. The golden number is an elemental proportion that draws our  eye because we appreciate beauty.  The human body is beautiful for many reasons beyond the aesthetic, but it's the aesthetic that first draws our attention before the enquiring mind gets involved.

To men, other men's bodies  can be a source of inspiration to develop more prowess and physique.  But women's bodies hold many mysteries and stimulate desires.

They are strongly attracted by beauty, their early childhood memories and affections, the soft curves and reproductive symbolism. This is DNA driven and the less intelligent men can be overwhelmed by this emotion that they don't learn to manage it until late in life.

This appreciation and desire for women is natural, but in context of civilisation, it can cause some inappropriate behaviours.  There's the guy who just can't stop staring at a woman's breasts or legs.  As long as such interest is not threatening, it's generally tolerated.



To women, men's bodies hold emotions of protection and mating potential, but other women may be objects of beauty or competition.  The fact is  that most women take notice of other women's bodies,  it's socially conditioned.

Get over sociology and awake!

Most of us live in fantasy world, it's time we got real.  The primary function of breasts is nurturing babies, their secondary and less important function to to help the owner feel okay about themselves.

We must remember:
What ever someone else thinks about us, is not our concern

Self judgement is  the original sin.

In public, breasts are either hidden or displayed for some advantage, but it's health that's most important. The combination of social stigma, degrading media, restrictive fashion, toxic toiletries, the lack of empowering health education for women, all the stress combined with the poisons in out food and environment are all causes of breast disease.

This is  a tragedy of our civilisation, as in times past, the breasts were displayed and celebrated as they have so many incredible benefits for the health of humanity, the power of women, and the nurturing of the future generations.

The female breasts deserve respect, nurturing and even pampering to keep them functional and healthy. It's time to uplift your breasts to the status level they deserve!  Educate your daughters and therapists, educate yourself and your clients.

Breast care tips

Along with a healthy diet and exercise which provides the underlying foundation to a healthy body, a healthy reproductive system and healthy breasts, you must understand:

Don't wear a bra
A French study showed that women who don’t wear bras actually have perkier and healthier breasts even as they aged.

  • The brassier restricts the movement of blood and lymphatic fluid through the breasts, underarms, and shoulders. This causes toxins to build up in the breast tissue which lays the foundations for disease. Underwire bras not only restrict fluid flow, the metal also disrupts the energy flow through the breast/chest area.
  • The natural movement of the breasts during any exercise without a bra allows the body’s movements to support fluid flow and drainage of the breasts.

Massage your  breasts
Massage benefits the entire body and it offers the same benefits to your breasts.

  • While there is no muscle tissue in a women’s breasts,  breast massage enhances circulation and drainage so it's an important regular practice for all women for blood and lymph circulation as well as reducing build-up of toxins in the fatty tissue of the breasts.
  • Gentle self massage puts you in touch with your breasts and you're more likely to notice any changes sooner.
  • Regular breast massage may help prevent breast cancer which is an epidemic in western society and a warning about the toxins in our foods and environment.

Get some sun
Five to fifteen minutes of morning sun is healthy

  • Direct sunlight is good for our bodies and our skin; including the breasts!
  • We get vitamin D from sunlight interacting on our skin and without it, we  get sick.
  • A little sunlight on breasts helps maintain breast health and it's a good idea to lie and hold the breasts up so  that the sin under the breasts gets some sun. This helps reduce sweat damage, bacterial and fungal infections that some large breasted women are susceptible to.

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