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Massage Challenges the Modern World

Dealing with Competition and Political Correctness

There is no doubt that massage has a wide range of uses and applications, but in today's increasingly narrowminded world, it is being reduced to a placebo. This is largely due to the distorted perception arising from political correctness, and social movements based on habits and fears that distort reality.

The people of the modern world seem to have lost any connection to their roots as human beings and they have become human doings. That is; people are simply doing what they must to survive in a world were economic, social and political pressures which severely limits who they are and determines how they see the world.

If we were to step out of the modern world, our natural intelligence would work to cooperate with nature, however the modern human is working against nature because our natural intelligence is suppressed by beliefs and philosophies supporting base desires and the need to control the external world.

As a civilisation we are becoming increasingly antilife and destroying our means of survival through ignorance and greed. This has come about by creating philosophies based on false beliefs which have caused us to ignore our basic intelligence that makes us truly human. This is nothing new, it's been going on for thousands of years. While our population was small, the earth quickly covered up our mistakes as any mother would clean up after her child today. But unfortunately we have made such a mess that our planet will take many generations to fully recover. Environmental degradation along with the collapse of our economic and social structures are symptoms of an underlying illness that has developed because of our blind beliefs.

Many of us are aware of the degradation taking place around us and yet so few have the courage to really become pro-life. Being pro-life has nothing to do with preventing abortions, is about turning off habits, it's about respecting and supporting life instead of institutions like our global corporations that are inherently destructive.

Within this quagmire we call civilisation, massage as a science has gone through periods of acceptance and rejection. When the people are more comfortable with their humanity, massage as a healing art flourishes and this happened to a certain extent during the latter years of the 20th century. The world having recovered from World War II was optimistic and many became more inclined to embrace their humanity by daring to turn inwards and see their bodies as part of nature instead of something to be controlled.

As we moved into the 21st century civilisation became much more tribal as people aligned themselves with social and political ideologies, accepted that they were slaves within the machine and real freedom became a forgotten ideal. The idea of freedom was reduced to an economic idea that since time immemorial has never worked and yet we keep repeating it. I'm sure you know the story that an individual may surrender everything to become rich by whatever means, then suffer the consequences of attempting to maintain that wealth. While this is the capitalist dream and there are some who appear successful, riches alone are no measure of success.

A life lived based on the external world is an empty life because for humans to be complete, we need to know our inner world. We seem to have forgotten that no one really knows which way is up, we live on an insignificant planet in some out of the way corner of the universe. As we move through space and time there is no way of knowing which way is up and the only certainty is that there are two directions of life, inwards and outwards yet we believe and take ourselves so seriously.

The outward life we have been living for the past few thousand years has brought us to the verge of extinction and if we are to save ourselves, we must look inwards and explore the universe within. To the outward looking mind this has little value because it cannot be monetised, but it provides peace of mind and access to an intelligence enabling us to harmonise with life.

Massage as a tactile healing art facilitates looking inwards which is a simple relaxation. It seems such an insane paradox that people who desperate to relax lock themselves into a mental space where they actually fear relaxation and human connection. When it comes to the human body, ideas and philosophies regarding sexualisation coming from false beliefs has totally fried peoples minds and even here, massage is a cure.

It seems like a crazy contradiction that some people will indulge in all sorts of experimental sexuality but be too shy to be naked on the massage table for a nonsexual massage. In contrast the morally righteous who have disavowed their bodies as being the work of Satan are similarly indisposed as are those whose bodies don't conform to media representations about what the human body should look like.

We forget that we were born naked, clothed in confusion about the nature of our existence, and when we leave this life, the body is left behind. So why do so many people buy into the political correctness and beliefs that certain parts of the body shouldn't be seen or touched during a massage while in contrast extreme nakedness with any doctor or nurse is perfectly fine?

As with all arts and professions, massage has become a political football that is sometimes thrown in the mud, sidelined and used in accordance with the profit motive. The fact that it is one of the most important healing arts that we possess is unimportant to those in power. This is the same mentality that destroys the environment and enforces the way that you behave.

Like meditation which is the art and science of exploring our internal universe, massage is an art and science that not only helps us to know our bodies, but to relieve all the stresses and strains. This makes it one of the best preventive medicines and complements other therapies and medical interventions. But the massage world today has succumbed to political correctness making it far less effective than it could be.

When a person is too afraid to remove their clothes and be seen or touched in places where the person touching is expected to pay a price, massage can actually be dangerous. For instance when a person is suffering from a backache, a treatment that only covers from the waist up does not address the stored stress around the hips which may be causing the problem in the first place. There have been many instances where such a person is treated with an upper body massage which exacerbates the problem. It is also often the case where a person seeks massage treatment because the pain has not yet arrived and they are unconsciously trying to pre-empt its, but a part body massage simply triggers the pain response and the person suffers.

As described, people who cannot remove their clothes and be comfortable with their own nakedness should not be massaged and they should not be giving massage because the negative political ideology around the human body is reinforced. Then when an increase in discomfort is experienced, massage itself gets a bad reputation.

When we take the human body as a piece of technology divorced from all the human bull shit that people apply and then wonder why they become sick, but when we treat that the physical body holisticly, real healing occurs. A part body massage may be okay as first-aid relief in many situations, for real healing to occur the entire body must be treated by a therapist with the necessary training and skill.

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