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Massage for the elderly

Never to old for relaxation and healing

massage_benefitsYou probably know that massage is a great way to relax from a stressful week,  restore your  energy, or recover after a particularly heavy workout for those who are young and athletic.

But have you given thought to what a massage may do for your elderly friends, family and community members?

Massage and light stretching can do amazing things for seniors who are often less spry, and often suffer with arthritis and other degenerative diseases.

Relaxation massage helps seniors to cope with life changes and medical massage helps to reduce pain, maintain or increase mobility, and helps them to feel younger and healthier.  

I have worked with many seniors in my years of physical therapy and seen these benefits.

However there are  many things one must be mindful of while performing massage for them such as:

  • Use a gentler approach and pressure.
  • Keep in mind that some have difficulty laying in certain positions. Therefore you will need to ensure they are comfortable with extra towels or cushions.
  • You may also find they prefer part body treatments and for this they can sit in a comfy chair for you do feet, hands and facials.
  • You must be particularly careful not to tear delicate skin that has thinned with age or puncture varicose veins.
  • You must ensure they can hear and understand what you are saying and of course respect them.

As bodies age, the pressure of the massage returns to that of baby massage.

Massage for the elderly can be a wonderful experience and can help them enjoy their later years.

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