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Everything you may want to know about massage


Massage in ancient times is not so different from today. The only difference is we have a better knowledge of the body.

The worlds oldest healing art

Massage is instinctive and most mammals along with other species love having their bodies rubbed or stroked. When in pain, a gentle rub helps the pain fade away, but there are hundreds of ways of touching for pain relief, relaxation and pleasure.

In today's modern world massage has been refined and there are many styles to choose from and the pain. The stress relief and simple bodily pleasure afforded by massage has massage a popular activity and an industry which continues to grow.

There is no disease that massage cannot help with. It will not cure cancers, but it will help those suffering to feel better about themselves and thereby assisting recovery or dealing with the problem.

Physical touch makes you healthier. Studies show that massages and hugs reduce stress, and boost our immune system.

In these pages we begin the background and theory that all students of massage and other healing modalities need to know.

If you are interested in any aspect of massage be it giving or receiving, you've come to the right place. When you've read the public pages, get membership to take formal or informal lessons.

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