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Getting a Massage

Will I be seen naked?

What to do when going for a massage and massage etiquette:

When you go for a massage, you need to know why you need a massage and generally appointment duration is an hour or more. If it's just to relax, you have wide range of therapists and massage styles to select from, but if you're in any acute or chronic pain you may need some specialist care although most relaxation massage will take the edge off your suffering.

You may be going to a place where there is a trained therapist in a clinic or studio where you will be expected to disrobe and lay on the table or bed to receive your massage, or you may go to a home clinic and be treated in a family room, clinic or even a bedroom.


  • Make your appointment - this may be the same day, or days in advance.
  • Ascertain the payment method they accept
  • If you have to cancel for any reason, call and cancel as far in advance as possible. Some clinics will charge you if you just don't show up as by making an appointment, you have contracted their time and expertise and its rude to not cancel in good time.
  • Some clinics may have shower facilities, but it's best to shower before setting out to your appointment and if you shave or wax, please do so before your massage as bristly legs can affect the therapists hands.
  • On arriving, discuss your treatment with the therapist, outline any concerns you may have and divulge any medical problems you may have.
  • Pay the fee
  • After your discussion, the therapist will leave you to disrobe or you may do so behind a screen.
  • Remove all your clothes - even if you are just having a back rub, this prevents any oil staining and the therapist does not have to negotiate obstacles. A good therapist will keep your private parts covered.
  • During the massage simply relax and enjoy being touched, but also give feed back and answer any questions.
  • After the massage, you may be left to relax a few minutes before you dress and leave.

So will I be naked?

If you overcome your shyness and lay naked on the table, you'll generally get a better massage and you'll become a more competent human being.

Massage quips
Your body is not the problem, you are the problem

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