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Massage Anecdotes

Body talk

A collection of peoples experiences and recollections about massages they have had. We asked; "tell us about your massage experiences, how were you treated and how did you react or feel during and after treatment?"

Moira "I'm a nurse and have suffered back aches for years, I'd been to physio and even acupuncture, but then I discovered massage and this have given me the greatest relief."

Jeremy "I have regular massages as they keep me in touch with myself, always the firmer therapeutic kind."

Jane "I went to a lady therapist and I had my back and shoulders massaged for 15-20 minutes, it was nice but although I felt a little more relaxed, my neck was still sore and I had to see a chiropractor the next day."

Alison "I love massage and have been to many therapists over the years. I went at first because my job was so stressful and it really helped me just feel better about myself. Of course I was always going to women, but a friend told me about a male therapist and with some reservation I made an appointment. He was a sweet young man and I felt comfortable, the massage however was amazing, his pressure was firmer than every woman I had ever been to and I was on cloud 9 for days. I now prefer male therapists."

Ronald "I really don't like being touched, however I have been going to a masseuse and I'm beginning to relax and enjoy the experience. The first time I was reluctant to undress and even with my boxers on I was quietly terrified that I'd get an erection and embarrass myself. The massage was nice and she seemed to know how to put me at ease and now I look forward to these fortnightly sessions."

Layton "I had my first massage Thailand which came loaded with extras, The girl was a little flirty but nice and I really enjoyed my back and legs being rubbed and after I turned over she took the towel away and when she got to my inner thighs I got an erection. This delighted her and she began negotiating money for sex and it was at once, nice, flattering and arousing, she was very pretty but really, I'd have preferred she kept on massaging without any sexual references. That was over ten years ago and since then I've had lots of massages of both the sensual and therapeutic kind and I must say that when my body aches, I really just want good strong therapy and usually go to guy, but sometimes I go see a girl for a nice all over rubdown and and little hand relief."

Sarah "I have always had backache since I can remember and after countless visits to doctors and physiotherapists which sometimes helped a little, but the pain often returned within days. A friends suggested massage and I mentioned this to the doctor and he said I'd probably be wasting my money,  but I went. He was a courteous gentleman and I undressed to my underwear, on the table I consented to him undoing my bra strap and I enjoyed his touch even though I felt anxious about my sore areas. He just treated my back and before I left I certainly felt better and he said that regular full body massages would provide greater relief. Well I went nearly two weeks without pain and I now see him once a month, I've abandoned my shyness and take off all my clothes and have developed a love hate relationship with my bum as when he massages it, it really hurts but it also feels nice and I'm being 'nicer' to my husband. The therapist says I still have a lot of residual tension to let go of, but I'm so pleased I can enjoy my life without that constant nagging pain."

Sue "I go and see Jeana every week and it's nice to be pampered with warm oil and delightful fragrances. We both have lots of acquaintances and friends in common so it great to catch up on some of the gossip."

Jan "I'm really depressed, fat and hate my body, its often painful however my counsellor suggested I start exploring it in new ways to try and find some motivation to enjoy and look after it saying massage was a good place to start. But here I am, 25 years old and weighing in at 105 kilos, but somehow I went for this massage, well this girl was small compared to me and as for the massage, she may as well have been a fly walking over me and I felt cheated and annoyed. I laid this on my counsellor and she sympathised and recommended me to a guy, well I said to her that there was no way I would ever get naked for any man. My counsellor is persuasive and so eventually I arrived for this massage, he was a nice looking bloke with good manners and overdoing my counsellors advice, I took all my gear off and lay down. He came in and started massaging me, now I know I'm big, but he got in and I felt parts of me I never knew existed and he told me what those bits were. He massaged me all over, even my big belly and boobs. By the time he was finished I was in love with him and floated out the door and as soon as I sat in the car the tears came, I must have sat there crying for two hours before I was able to drive home. The next few weeks were something of a revelation about me and my counsellor says I'm making great progress, but as fantastic as his massage was, I'm not going back cause now I don't think I could keep my hands off him."

Joe "I go for a massage every few weeks, sometimes for real aches and pains and I usually see a guy, but other times I just like to be touched without having to touch back. I've tried lots of different styles, Swedish, Thai, Aromatherapy, Reflexology, Sensual and I even tried something called Tragar once. Reflexology is too nice and I just go to sleep, Aromatherapy - the couple I had seemed to be just another name for Swedish massage - I missed the difference. I enjoy the stretching of the Thai massage, but often those stretches really cause sharp increases inside my sore spots although I generally feel better afterwards and I'll sometimes have a Thai massage during the day as I'm not oily afterwards. But mostly I prefer the Swedish full body massage with warm oil, and its even better with a pretty & nice girl. Now I'm also partial to a happy ending now and then and I know a few obliging women however they are not as good at doing a full body massage and I dream of the perfect full body massage that includes a happy ending. Why is a happy ending good? I tell you its the best stress release there is, it really evens me out and I perform much better."

Greg "I enjoy massage and it helps my performance in work and sports. I got a very pleasant surprise in Hong Kong a few years ago when I went for a massage. Compared to the draping techniques at home in New York, the draping was minimal but the massage itself was really good. Because I'd had plenty of massages, I wasn't too embarrassed about getting a boner but then I was delightfully shocked that she jerked me off without even asking. Since then I've had another dozen or more massages in Asia and except for one time, they've always jerked me off and it's a great finish to any massage."

Candace "I travel a lot and I try make massage part of my weekly routine. I regularly see a sweet young women in my home neighbourhood who although it's against the rules is quite happy for me to lay completely naked on the table as well is including what men would call a happy ending. What concerns me is that some massage therapists are so dehumanised in other places that I've been to that they can't even discuss the subject and if I want a really good all over massage, I have to hunt down a Tantric therapist and pay a high premium to get my pussy rubbed."

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