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Healing Massage

Medical Massage and Natural body therapy


In healing, the the caduceus is the traditional symbol of Hermes and features two snakes winding around an often winged staff. It is symbolic of holistic medicine and the snakes represent the Ida and Pingala that serve the Shashuma and complete the energetic perfection of te human body. I allopathic medicine, the image only has one snake and remains forever wounded.

While medicine is in the domain of 'medical professionals' and massage is clearly not medicine, therefore there is no such thing as a 'medical massage'. The term 'medical massage' is a misnomer as all massage is therapeutic and healing.

As a healing art, massage is used to help relieve aches, pain, restore body balance and it has been proven as an effective form of treatment not only to relax and help heal aches and pains, it is also good for many common dis-eases. Those suffering from arthritis, injuries, growing pains, pregnancy, sports injuries, emotional and neural disorders, and even some septic conditions respond well to massage treatments.

Massage helps the body recover by easing stress and improving circulation which allows the immune system to function more effectively, thus helping the recipient to feel more comfortable in their body.

Massage is perhaps the oldest of the healing arts,
it is instinctive, because if it hurts, you rub it
and massage is this instinct developed.

In Western society our social politics are divisive and human touch has become formalized and more difficult; this divisiveness and isolation deprives people of touch and breeds further division and suffering. It has been proved that children brought up deprived of loving touch develop more mental, emotional and physical problems than those who receive adequate touch and nurturing.

This makes massage an important activity as it helps to break down barriers that divide us from ourselves and each other. Massage fulfils a deep human need; and it is probably the oldest form of therapy in the world.  The effectiveness of massage is well documented with a mix of anecdotal and scientific evidence.

Viewed scientifically, massage works by relaxing and refreshing tired or knotted muscles; by stimulating the nerve endings in the superficial layers of the skin; by increasing the blood circulation in the capillaries; by improving deep circulation, both of the blood and of lymph; and by stimulating the production of endorphins, which are the brain's own natural opiates.

Massage is also communication. Anthropologists estimate that anything up to ninety per cent of everyday human communication is non-verbal, though obviously this figure will vary widely. For example body language, facial expression, tone of voice, the distance you may stand apart from someone, the brightness in your eyes and even the level of pheromones are among a dozen other non-verbal signals which we may or may not perceive correctly.

When we communicate through touch, touch conveys 'I am here, I am with you' which is the most basic reassurance that human beings can give to one another. Massage is reassuring and helps to build self-confidence. This may be a side-effect of the endorphins, but equally, it may well be the result of interacting with another person, the masseur or masseuse, and of receiving their undivided attention. This is a powerful affirmation of self-worth.

Our affairs of the heart are highly politicised and confusing for many. Our children are not educated in matters of intimacy and as lovers, so many people are unsure of how to touch beyond the most basic, instinctive level or out of need. For those who lack of training or experience and are self-conscious about touching their partner, learning massage gives confidence and creates an atmosphere in which partners may better follow their passion.

Massage has a reputation as being the best foreplay as it can relax and get one in the mood. But massage has also been proven effective in restoring libido and potency, helping to overcome erectile dysfunction, vaginal dryness and the inability to orgasm.

Massage has evolved from our own natural and instinctive behaviour as a means of easing hurts and stiffness and helping a tired or tense body to recuperate. Trials with people of all ages indicate that massage benefits everyone. Hadn't you better arrange your treatment today!!

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