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Back Pain

Back Pain has many causes

Notes to students.

Back pain is a common complaint affecting people in all walks of life and generally resulting from combinations of:

  • stored mental or emotional stress
  • poor health
  • poor posture, fitness or physique
  • body use and occupation, i.e. lifting stuff
  • injuries

Humanity has fallen and for many the back is the weakest link with high numbers of lower back, neck and mid back problems. The primary treatment is some form of analgesic which does not remedy the problem, it simply disconnects the persons experience of the problem. For many, this is effective relief for a time, yet many succumb to surgery and/or are crippled for life.

The pain is caused by stressors in the persons experience and activities, these in turn cause the muscles and ligaments to contract restricting movement and informing them that their life is out of balance.

Here Steve discusses some common problems you may encounter and read Massage for back aches.



Poor posture is one of  the contributors to back pain representing a lack of self esteem or confidence.

The role of massage

Massage is a very useful option for the prevention of back pain and  to assist recovery when it does occur.

Note to therapists

Let's take the body in a broader perspective; look at the individual person when they are standing in front of you, are they standing straight and tall. Does their body look balanced? Typically, when a person stands tall in front of you you'll see typically that one shoulder is live on the other. The head may be slightly toward one shoulder more than the other. If you look closely you will see that it's maybe an even quite often people are stooped or round shouldered.

Ideally when a person stands straight and tall, there should be a straight line down through the central forehead & throat, centre of the sternum and down through the body to the centre between both feet. On the side view, one should be able to draw a straight line down from the crown of the head - the centre of the shoulder centre of the hip to a point just in front of the ankle.

A very few people conform to this view, and often anyone standing straight & tall, when they are correctly positioned often feel very strange indeed, as it has become a habit to slouch, and generally neglect. Our posture. So this is one of the first elements which we need to recognise the person. See Massage for back aches.

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