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Breast Massage

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Breasts over time like any other part of the body lose their shape, suffer from reduced circulation and breast tissues benefit from massage as much an any other body part. Yet breast massage is often a taboo due to societal prejudices that define breasts as sexual organs and objects of shame that must be covered at all times and only ever touched by one's own child, oneself or doctor.

Thousands of British women with botched breast implants eligible for compensation

Many women suffer a phobias that their breasts are somehow offensive to others and that anyone seeing them will cause great suffering. Then there are more phobias about them being touched.. Like touch may cause arousal and or their nipples may erect. What a horror!! Now that's not as embarrassing as a guy getting an erection during a massage.

Massage has been proved to be one of the most effective treatments for our bodies to relieve stresses and restore health. Unfortunately the female breasts have been politicised to the extent they are often left untreated. Sceptics; if massage benefits the body, why not the breasts?


This recipient is present in her treatment.

Breast massage benefits by

  • Improving blood and lymphatic circulation lymphatic drainage
  • Early detection and prevention of breast cancer which causes the greatest number of deaths of women who live a Western lifestyle. Breast massage may be one of best natural methods of preventing this problem.
  • Maintaining or altering breast shape
  • Decreasing or increasing bust size
  • Increasing neural development and helping breast and nipple sensitivity
  • Releases the hormones oxytocin and DHEA which help overall relaxation and improved immune function
  • Increasing fullness and bouyancy of the bust by strengthening suspensory ligaments and muscles

It is a widely held opinion with some excellent supporting evidence (see Dressed To Kill) that the confinement of the breasts causes a stagnation of fluids within the breasts which provides the opportunity for cancer to develop and research suggest that regular breast massage helps to prevent and assist recovery from cancers, see massage facts.

As few Western women are prepared to abandon their bras, massage may be the only solution for them to not only help prevent breast cancer, but to maintain breast health and shape. Breast enhancement massage, a discovery made in the 1960's has found that massage can be used not only to maintain the health and shape of the breasts, but massage can also be used to to improve the breast shape and size.

For general health, self massage is something that women can do for themselves as outlined in the short videos below and breast massage may be included as a normal part of any clinical massage treatment with the clients permission although massage to the nipples should generally be avoided.

Massage of the breasts is an important element of any massage treatment that on the basis of all evidence will help to keep breasts healthy, and the massage demonstrated below can be done privately in the shower and is best performed with a little massage oil, or some soap while showering. The whole procedure takes from thirty seconds or more per breast.


Within Tantra:

THE massage of the breast in the TANTRA tantra, "positive", i.e., active, is located in the breasts. This means that the sexual energy is activated through the breasts until point to the "negative pole", i.e. receptive, located in the vagina.

So in female sexuality is very important to caress, caring for and first massage the breasts of soft and sensual way to awaken the fire.

It should be recalled that massage on breasts is not only conditioned to our intimate relationships. We are accustomed to that touch us the breasts only in our sexual relationships and therefore to receive said stroking or massage from a point and a basically sexual intention.
From my experience as a professional, it's really powerful to receive from a non-sexual place and receive it as an act of connection to ourselves.

Breasts, are located in the fourth chakra, embracing all of our emotional part. Thus, an excess of emotion may mean entering the game of emotional dependencies which both overwhelms us and us limits. Therefore, that relax this Centre is very important for women.

Breasts are a symbol of femininity, through this, we connect with our feminine power and at the same time, reconnect us with unconditional love and part nurturing that women have.

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