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Breast Exam

Self care

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Self care and awareness is key to preventing any illness and with breast cancer an epidemic, regular self checks are vital not only for women, but men too as they may also suffer breast cancer.

Every woman needs to self examine and you can take a medical approach and treat your breasts like a foreign objects, but what is much nicer is self breast massage. All you need to do is use a little soap when showering to massage both breasts for thirty seconds or so ensuring that you feel into the breast tissues.

Medical experts advise monthly self checks, but regular self breast massage can be done more frequently as a part of your daily routine.

Self examination should be enjoyable and some folk pay more attention to their cars than their own bodies. The body after all is the vehicle of our life and like cars and other stuff, the better we take due care and practise maintenance, the better it serves us.

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Self exam.

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