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Breast firming massage

May also help reduce breast size


No woman wants her breasts to sag and while sagging is caused by heredity, poor posture, poor diet and a lack of exercise, massage is one remedy proven to firm, increase or even decrease bust size.

As massage affects other parts of the body, massage promotes proper cellular function and helps tissues to maintain their elasticity. If you have attended my courses, you will know how to perform a breast massage and thee methods are supplemental.

Proceed with the massage as taught in class, try any new techniques from these videos and for better results, use either Total curve, Brestrogen or Breast success cream.

With regular treatments, any of these products stimulate the restoration and regrowth of breast tissues for the inside. But note that prolonged daily use of these products will cause an increase in breast size.

In these videos, ignore the cosmetic information which only affects the skin.

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