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Breasts in society

The female breasts

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Anatomy, physiology and sociology

While guys also have breasts with larger man boobs being more common today due to the hormones in some foods, here we discuss the female breasts with breast health in mind as in the West, one in six women will be diagnosed with breast cancer which some argue causes more female deaths than old age.

Like all aspects of health, breast health is supported by having proper knowledge and understanding which supports a healthy attitude towards one's body and life.  Armed with knowledge, avoiding toxins along with maintaining a good diet and exercising is easier.

In all truth, we must either accept that
there is no such thing as a perfect bust or
that every bust is perfect.

The chemicals in our foods are one of the greatest threats to not only breast health, but the entire body.  An natural organic diet with a wide variety of locally grown foods is seen as ideal,  and as most women's breasts are encased in a brassier for long periods of time, let them out, shake them about and give them a good massage everyday as there is a growing body of evidence that bra wearing significantly contributes to breast cancers.


Openness brings togetherness

In most societies, breasts are seen a symbols of femininity and in the so called primitive cultures of the Amazon, parts of Africa and Asia where the people still live in a semi naked state, the breasts have no significance other than providing sustenance for children, but in some western cultures they have unfortunately become sexualized or seen as sexual appendages instead of anatomical resources for sustaining of new life as nature intended.

Most people appreciate the female breast and a developed bust signifies that a woman will be more successful in raising children in the same way that good hips indicate a good propensity for easy childbirth. In most developed countries the female breasts have taken on layers of cultural significance causing a great deal of anxiety for the millions of women who do not have what many consider the perfect bust.

The perfect bust
In all truth, there is no such thing although there have been many surveys and the majority of women accept their bodies. But men in their search for the perfect mate are highly judgemental to the extent that they will take more notice of a woman with a better displayed bust that is in proportion to her body than actual larger breasts.

Because of this a huge breast enhancement industry has evolved to give some women an edge in this competitive world. Women often use their bodies to gain advantage over other women in romance and business and it is here that a nice bust, a good cleavage along with intelligence and charm can make it easier to develop relationships and employment.

Even women without much intelligence, a nice bust/body and flirtatiousness can open doors to a more successful life. To adjust your bust for business, all you need is a push up bra and few will be any the wiser, its only if your planning on getting your mark to the bedroom that you may want to consider enhancement.

Just think, the bigger your breasts, the more difficult it will be to run and participate in many physical activities. The bigger your bust the more you will be noticed by men - well they are more likely to just stare and drool..

Carolena Teaches Breast Massage Actually Carolena you need to remove the bra.. and there is more to it than that, but it's a start in self care..

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